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Re-Ticks…and Babysteps


On 6th March, 2012, I headed to Studio Republic, in Warana on the Sunshine Coast for a ‘re-tick’ of – ’#36 Glamour Photo Shoot’. I’d already ticked this off in 2010 (before my Chasing my Dreams journey was born), but an opportunity came up to take part in a photo shoot of which my shots may be a part of Studio Republics advertising campaigns – this one in particular was ‘Vintage Vixens – Pin Up Girl’. Of course when I saw this opportunity I grabbed it!

This photo shoot was completely different to the last time I got shots taken at Studio Republic – I am now in such a totally different headspace – last time I was adamant that my wheelchair was not to be part of my shots – this time, I 100% embraced it being in my shots, in fact I encouraged it!

I love this, it’s definitely the ‘fun’ me…I got called ‘Gidget’ after people saw it!

Even though I had been told that the shot may be part of Studio Republics advertising campaign, I hadn’t seen it anywhere myself….until in 2014, I received an awesome surprise of seeing in person, the actual print that they had been using at shows and promotions etc.  Wow….that sure was a surreal moment, seeing “little ol’ me” in an actual print, and knowing that others were able to view it on display!

Its me...holding a picture! haha.  At Studio Republic, seeing the print for the first time! :)

Its me…holding a picture of….me! haha. At Studio Republic, seeing the print for the first time! 🙂

Since the ‘Pin-up’ photo shoot, I have been approached (not connected to the photoshoot – but from my personal journey, itself) by Studio Republic, to write an article on ‘my journey’, for them to use in their media releases – the difference in myself between my first shoot in 2010, and this recent shoot in 2012 – the empowerment Ive felt in myself through the huge changes in my life lately, the empowerment that the photoshoots give me while doing them….and of course, its yet another opportunity to share my bucketlist journey with others!


On Tuesday 13th March I headed to my local library to take part in a photography workshop – it was only a mini-workshop for a couple of hours, but I got some valuable tips, advice, and lessons on how to get a bit ‘more’ out of my camera, and my shots, than I previously knew – and it also ignited my thirst to learn even more about the art of photography….and thats what its all about, taking smaller steps, to head towards those bigger goals in life. The bigger goals are SO worth, taking the babysteps, towards! This bigger goal is “#21. Advance my photography skills, creating a website for my shots (babystepping my way towards this one)” – and its one that I feel passionate about, as I love my photography. My ‘#68. Take a photograph a day(ongoing…started Jan 1,2012)‘ is also my way of another babystep towards this bigger goal.

March 16, 2012 – Coolum Beach

Its not just about ‘ticking’ things off….its about the journey towards the tick…and the re-ticks! Do something, enjoy it…do it again! 

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