Anything is Possible…in your own Way!

Wow. Where do I start? Ive just got home from a truely Magical, confronting, intense 2.5 day experience with a large (70+) group of peoplI have never met before, people filled with such heart, gathering/partying with them tonight after the Seminar, and experiencing TRUE connection in its purest form – it was a Tick that really touched me down to my core. Its the very early hours of Monday morning (the Seminar finished many hours ago at 630pm, but we gathered together afterwards to let our hair down…which was much needed!), Im mindblown from the experience, completely buggered but wired at the same time – and we had a BRILLIANT time ‘coming down’ from the experience, at the party tonight – not to mention Im not quite sure how to explain this journey, as its really something you have to ‘feel’ to know what its all about – so if this makes no sense, I apologise…lol…

My ‘ticks’ are making a habit of having special meaning to me – and this was certainly the case this weekend. It also confirmed once again to me that, my Chasing my Dreams journey is exactly where I know I ‘belong’ in my life – and what I learnt about myself and others this weekend is an extension of my journey. Some people who dont know or live this journey, think its just ‘thinking of fun stuff to do, and just ticking it off of a written list’ – oh NO its not…certainly not to me, anyway!

The Seminar I participated in was “Living From Greatness – The Secrets to Making Your Life Work!” …living a life of Magic, to create your world exactly how you want to, with no resistance – just ‘letting it be and it will come’ – and I must admit, as I had already found out about, and registered my place in this Seminar before my life grew to the amazing lengths it has in the last couple of months – I did have some reservations the closer the Seminar was getting. I was thinking, but I know Im already living from my heart, living with my passions, through my current lifestyle, and my Fitness Goals which are leading to my Fundraiser later in the year, and actioning my life in such a way that I was putting true passion into everything I do lately. But…I found these 3 days to be a very valuable extension of my journey – and also further confirmation that, where my life is at now, is EXACTLY where I know I am meant to be. SO many confirmation moments this weekend – I was DEFINITELY meant to be there. Its made my appreciation of my journey, SO much stronger. If thats even possible…lol

“The Magician’s Way” – a beautiful, insightful must-read, which leads you to living with your heart…

The lifestyle surrounding William Whiteclouds teachings is one that, in some ways, runs parallel with ‘living life the Bucket List way’ (in the way of ‘living with your heart’) – but it also teaches you to live with your intuition, with your truth, with your heart, to purposely create what YOU want from YOUR life, to live a life free from judgement and assumptions, from preconceived ideas, to just ‘let go and trust’ in life itself, to ‘focus on the target’ (notfocus so much in the ‘but how am I going to get there’ – and ‘but why is it so’ – just trusting, it is because it is. Yes I am living some of these principles through my journey lately…but, and especially the ‘trust in life itself’ – this has been a fairly new concept to me, until my life ‘woke up’ in June 2011 with my V8 Supercar racing. It was so ‘free-ing’ to feel these confirmation moments that, yes, I really do have trust in this life now…something I had fought so hard (too hard!) for, for SO long.

The absolute pure joy and heart I got from every single person in that room as I either interacted with them, or looked around me, was incredible to feel. In the ‘big wide world’ out there full of strangers, there are some times, as someone with a disability,that you do feel ‘disconnected’ from the world around you – this may happen because of something said to you, an action towards you, or something that happened when you ventured out your front door into public. But to feel absolute complete connection with this ‘room full of strangers’ with absolute no judgement, complete openness and no hesitation towards me from anyone – wow.

When we were up on the dance floor area at various times of the day (beginning of each session, and after breaks etc), and I cannot begin to describe the POWER of the beautiful energy we created – we not only absolutely blew the ROOF off of Eudlo Hall lol (quiet little Eudlo didnt know what hit it! haha)….but I have never experienced in my life, the pure joy of being up on that dance floor, with so many people just letting go, and just being at one, with the music, and each other. Yes I LOVE to get up there on the dance floor when I go out….LOVE it…but this was different – for one, no one was ‘alcohol induced’ haha, and for two, we were just up there, dancing, jumping, stomping and pumping our fists with absolute EVERYTHING we had to give. It was AWESOME!

When we did the intuitive exercises (remembering, a lot of us were strangers to each other – and we were asked to not work with people who either knew us, or who we had worked with before in another session) – I was absolutely blown away. Here were these people who had NO idea who I was – yet they were picking up that I am on this magical journey at the moment, and that it is picking up an incredible momentum….and a number of people even picked up that I have been inspiring a lot of people lately (they call it ‘serving others’). And what also surprised me was, when I ‘read’ for other people, I was very accurate, in what I picked up from them, as well. Wow.

Just ‘let go’ – let go of all the thoughts and feelings, and just ‘let life be what it will’, while focussing on what you truely do want to create in your life – it is such a free-ing experience to do this…doing this allows you to create your world how you really want it – and not to get hooked into all the BS surrounding these thoughts and feelings that we create such ‘meaning’ to, which influence our life in a direction where we just do not want it to lead to. One ‘confirmation moment’ I had this weekend was when another participant shared something that really resonated with me, and I realised I had finally learnt this for myself, in my journey over the last 3 months – just let go, and strop trying to ‘fix your life’ – if you just simply let go, and stop fighting it, and stop searching, and instead, focus on that which you DO want in your life….and trust in this….it WILL come.

We had the absolute priviledge of having the ‘guru’ himsef, William Whietecloud, attend as a Participant on our Seminar this weekend – it is facilitated by other people – the beautiful Pete Maloney (gotta love Pete, he was just such a fun, georgous spirit, who ROCKED that dance and the gorgeous Ellen Lake. But William decided to attend this one, not as a teacher/facilitator, but to actually sit in with us, and experience it from ‘our side of the fence’. Have you ever been in a room with someone who holds such wisdom, such spirit, such, not power as in overbearing power..but they are like a beacon of wisdom that you want to just capture for yourself? William was this to us, purely by being present this weekend. I had connected up with William on Facebook and corresponded with him previous to the Workshop, and it wasnt until just recently that he posted that he would be at the Sunny Coast Seminar, and I would get to meet him – Wow. What an honour.

During the course of Saturday, I had seen William wave around a feather…somehow I felt drawn to that feather, he was having fun with it, waving it around, it seemed to be a ‘symbol’ of him. Later in the afternoon I feel a hand on my shoulder leaning down almost into a hug, and William himself reached over….and handed me this feather. Wow…

A precious gift given from one heart to another...

A precious gift given from one heart to another…

What a moment that was. This man, who we felt honoured by him just being there, in amongst us, was giving ME this token gift? So blessed…

Pete even managed to throw in an April Fools day ‘prank’ – but the funny thing was, because of the absolute pure Magic (which is what the ‘work’ is called – ‘Magic’) of the weekend, and the belief that anything really is possible if we just create and allow it to be…I believe that some people may have thought he was being serious – as for myself, he didnt ‘get’ me – but he very well could have, as it was delivered VERY well haha. I was just so ‘hooked into’ the fun side of his personality so I kind of knew he was just having fun with us….but the way he delivered the prank was awesome. On Sunday morning (April 1), Pete started talking about levitation…andseriously, without a smirk on his face, asked us if we would like to learn how to levitate – of course he was greeted with an enthusiastic ‘Yes!’ – we were all there to fully participate in thais weekend, this weekend WAS all about ‘magic’, and I for one, was open to anything which came my way. He then mentioned getting naked, and started taking off his vest, almost teasing us…we were laughing, and I dont know about others in the room, but I was half-thinking – holy shyte is he really going to do this – haha – by then, we’d (those of us who didnt already know him) learnt just how fun Pete is, and how much he believes in the power of ‘your world can take you wherever it will’…so, it was almost like, well, if its going to happen – Pete is the perfect one to teach us (levitating naked….lol)… He then revealed that it was (of course!) a Prank. Haha….well done Pete! Awesome!

There is so SO much more that I could share about this weekend..and I will probably read this tomorrow and say, you know what, I need to re-write this because it just makes no sense after writing it at this hour of the morning lol…all I can say is, I encourage you to experience a William Whitecloud Seminar for yourself – it will enrich your life in such a MAGICAL, heartfilled way. Even for people who stated that they thought they ‘had a handle on life’ – this way of living, really does extend it so much further, in such a special and unique way.

Oh and, ‘do yourself a favour’ and read Williams ‘The Magician’s Way’ – it is an amazing read, with such a simple concept of ‘Focus on the Target”, and just KNOW you will get there….and you will! (What we were able to do with a potato and a straw, was something you need to find out, and to experience, for yourself…lol)

So many moments….so many confirmations…so many ‘Wow’ moments…so many connections. Confronting, challenging, awareness. Such a sense of pure…Life, came out of this weekend. Incredible.

Thank you so VERY much to William Whitecloud, Peter Maloney, Ellen Lake, and everyone else involved in this truely magical weekend – including my fellow participants – I truely felt the magic energy of everyone in that room, it was just such a special space to be in….the energy was….I actually cannot find the right words to describe it..for once I am speechless…lol….! SO Blessed xxx


Anything really is Possible..if you just open yourself up to living with your Heart!

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