Anything is Possible…in your own Way!

As far back as I can remember, I have always had a longing to get ‘off the beaten track’, and yearned to find ways to explore this beautiful, natural world of ours.  When you have mobility issues…this can be a little (at times, a lot!) more difficult, and somewhat of a challenge!  But….as anyone who knows me, knows – I’m up for a Challenge!

In early 2015, this want of mine very unexpectedly and suddenly developed into my reality….in ways I could have never have imagined – or planned – more magically! Truly meant to be!

This train of events started by me intentionally creating my Word of Intention for the year at the start of 2015!

*while having absolutely NO idea what was about to unfold!*

One evening I was simply sitting at home, googling away trying to find something in particular – and all of a sudden out of nowhere, in the search results appeared a tough-looking outdoor terrain wheelchair! (my ‘google search’ had absolutely nothing to do with this…it appeared as a random google image in the results!).  Excitedly, I clicked on the page where the image came from – and discovered that there is amazing mobility equipment out there which enables us with mobility issues to be able to…exactly as my ‘want’ – “get off the beaten track”!  Wow!  It may have been late in that evening, but suddenly, I was WIDE AWAKE! I had no idea this type of equipment even existed, until this moment!

Immediately I fired off an email, including the picture, to my occupational therapist who had previously assisted me in sourcing equipment and funding for new disability handcontrols for my vehicle.  If anyone could find a way to source this amazing chair (or something more suited to my own needs) – he could!

Next thing I know, after a few emails/telephone conversations and research – a trial of this awesome equipment had been arranged – I was actually ON MY WAY to quite possibly obtaining this way of getting “off the beaten track” independently, by myself (without assistance, which is how I’d always done it previously.  It has been a dream of mine to be able to explore our beautiful nature, independently, like so many others are able to do, too!

I was BEYOND excited at this stage…finally, my Dream of getting out into nature was becoming my reality! I could almost feel my heart glowing with excitement and wonder of ‘I wonder what’s out there…I wonder what I’m about to discover when I go exploring!” I was like a child on Christmas!  (…and this is what embracing your lives is all about – feeling the childhood joy that, as adults, many seem to have forgotten, or hidden deep down).

I literally could not believe what happened next, (when I was now in the ‘waiting stage’ (which potentially could take many months!) for my equipment application to proceed/be equipment to be manufactured – and that magical day when it would one day arrive!)

I received a notification on Facebook that I’d been ‘tagged’ “Hmmm I wonder what this is?” – strolling across the tagged post, I had then discovered that I had earned “Member of the Month” at my gym, Suncoast Fitness! How awesome is that?  But what came next was even more awesome! The prize was a location shoot with Anna Gilbert Photography, a Sunshine Coast-based photographer where she takes you out to a location of your choice, and capture some photographs of you in your special location.

WOW!  Just when this magical experience of discovering a way I can get out to ‘Explore the Forest’ unfolds – and I win this voucher with a photographer who could quite possibly capture the moments I first get to experience it!  I literally could not believe it!  If I thought I was like a ‘kid on Christmas’ while waiting for my equipment to arrive…I was beyond excited now! haha.

Filled with excitement and gratitude, I then made the call to Anna at Anna Gilbert Photography, spoke to her about myself and ‘my journey’, and about how this equipment was about to arrive – and would it be possible for Anna to name a beautiful forest location for us to go and capture the moment where I experience being in a forest, for the very first time – but we would have to wait until my equipment arrived? (as I have never been able to access such deep nature as a forest before, I had absolutely no idea where to go…so I put my trust and this decision over to Anna.  I was about to discover that my trust in her choice was absolutely perfect!)

So now, I had TWO things to wait in anticipation for…the arrival of my equipment, and the knowledge that I was about to be IN a forest, for the very first time!  HURRY UP, EQUIPMENT!! haha

….that was the lead-up – now comes the arrival of the equipment, and to get out into that forest! (see Blog Part #2 to find out what happened next!)


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