Anything is Possible…in your own Way!

I thought I’d ‘give this a month’ from January 1….I’ve enjoyed it so much I’ve decided to keep going, till the end of the year…and beyond! This Q&A journal poses a different question to you each day – I’ve resisted skipping ahead and looking at the further questions along the way (which has tested my very curious mind, to not take a sneak peek ahead, and to stay on the current ‘day’!), its a lot of fun, and thought provoking answering a different question it puts to you each day! As its unfolded, I’ve discovered some very, very interesting personal questions in the journal – which I have answered from a ‘what I’m grateful for’ angle!

ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE…when you are grateful in Life!

**27.9.2016 UPDATE
Just thought I’d share an update on this ‘tick off the list’ which is proving to be more rewarding than I first thought it would be!

Yesterdays ‘Question’ was Today was amazing because…”

Yesterday was not a great day at all, I have (but am working through) a huge, paralysing dental phobia – yesterday I had to get not one, but two different procedures done. I was scared. But, at the end of the day, last night I answered the Question with
“Today was amazing because not only did I get through not one, but two dental procedures…but I got through them with less fear than what I thought I would. I’m thankful to my amazing dentist and his assistant for working with my phobia, and respecting it..and me!”

Yesterday was a rough day – but making entries into this journal has trained my mind to switch to what made it a ‘good day’, instead – even if it’s just one little ‘good moment’ in the day!

I dont normally share my ‘answers’ from this journal as it is my personal thoughts which go into the pages – but thought I’d show how, looking at life from a gratitude angle where and when you can, really does enrich your life!
Given that its a 5-year journal….it’s also going to be an interesting journey when making the next years entries – and seeing how my thoughts compare to the previous years!


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