Anything is Possible…in your own Way!

(continued from Blog Part #1)

Excitedly, I woke up on the morning my new equipment was to arrive, almost trembling with anticipation – and then there it was, I hear the Wicked Wheelchairs van pull up!
I raced out the front, eager to get started into this moment which was about to change my life!

Jon from Wicked Wheelchairs  unloaded the equipment from the van – and there it was, my tough little beast which was about to change my life!

FreeWheel2016 (2)

How tough (and awesome) is this!

I couldn’t believe it, it seemed surreal – there it was, this equipment which a few months ago I never even knew existed! My world was about to change and expend in the most magical way…a way which I had yearned for, for so long!  ‘Nature’ is a part of me, deep down in my soul…but I had never been about to truly get out into raw nature (especially without assistance) – but through this tough little beast, I will now be able to fulfil that part of me which had been missing all my life!

I transferred into it, wiggled a little and thought ‘yep, that’s it, this feels so ‘right’ ‘…it was so comfy!  I’ve always had a bit of a ‘boys mindset’ which loves to be around ‘tough, boy things’ – this machine, with its big ‘fats’ (bigger/tougher tyres which make going through tougher terrain so much easier) and ability to go ‘play in the dirt’ really reaches into this mindset of mine! haha


Thank you so much, Chris – NorthCoast Rehab, and Wicked Wheelchairs!

After making a few tweaks and adjustments, and trialling it up and down the outdoor area outside my home – Jon then drove away leaving me to my own devices with this awesome piece of equipment.  Uh oh…this could get awesomely ‘dangerous’! haha

Straightaway, I headed down to the coastal strip to explore ‘Chambers Island’ a little island in the Maroochy River which is surrounded with dirt/leaves, and plenty of grassed/sandy areas for me to test this thing out!  It felt AMAZING to be able to freely explore areas other than ‘staying on concrete paths’!  One moment which took my breath away was, ‘crunching over leaves’ – I was in ‘childhood joy’, plowing through a big pile of leaves on the ground, and hearing them ‘crunch’ over me – I was making that sound truly was the most magical sound, to me!  Over the coming weeks and months, I had an absolute ball, testing the limits of the equipment – which included me getting stuck by pushing it just that little bit too far, to areas I was told that it didn’t go too well, independently (soft, deep dune beach sand)….oops…oh well, I wouldn’t be me if I didn’t stretch the limits too far!

Next came the moment I’d been waiting for… to get out into that Forest
(continued in Blog part #3)


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