Anything is Possible…in your own Way!

continued from Blog Part #2)

Shaking with excitement, I then made the phonecall I’d been waiting to make for so long now – to inform Anna from Anna Gilbert Photography that my outdoor terrain equipment had arrived, and that I was now free to book in my Shoot, out on location in the forest! I LOVE the moment I make that step by locking in a ‘tick off the List’, there is no other feeling like it….especially when it is one of the more very sentimental/meaningful experiences I’ve always wanted to do!

Confirming the date and location with Anna, I then waited for the day to arrive (‘making it happen’ does involve a lot of waiting at times, inbetween taking the steps – this still hasn’t taught me much about ‘patience’ though haha…I still want everything to happen NOW!).  But, waiting in anticipation is one of the most beautiful feelings to me, deep down inside – there is no other feeling quite like it!

Finally, the day arrived – after meeting Anna at her Studio, I followed her out to the highway, where we were off to explore one of the forestry areas out in the beautiful Glasshouse Mountains.  SUCH an incredibly picturesque area, I absolutely love that we are surrounded by so much beautiful nature here on the Sunshine Coast!

Arriving at the spot which my Shoot was to take place, I had to just sit in the car and ‘take a moment’ to myself for a little bit…I was completely blown away, I couldn’t believe that I was IN this absolutely beautiful forest – something I had always wanted to experience, but never had….until now, that is! I got out of my car, unloaded my outdoor terrain wheelchair…and set off to explore! I almost shed tears, that’s how much this experience meant to me!


After Anna and I talked for a bit, discussing how awesome this was and how grateful I was to her – we then got to exploring different areas of the track/forest, ready to ‘capture the moments’ in my Shoot.

The Shoot itself was AMAZING, I absolutely loved discovering with Anna, the beautiful aspects of this beautiful forestry!  I truly didn’t want to leave, as the sun started to go down!  Anna is absolutely amazing at ‘what she does’ – she is able to tune right into you, your personality, and what would be perfect for you, as images/atmospheres to create – so that the true ‘you’ shines out! I could not wait to see my images!

I came home from the Shoot a little dirty and dusty (from clambering through the forest, to find that ‘perfect shot’)…but you know what, I have never been happier to BE dirty and dusty..after all, this is what ‘getting off the beaten track’ is all about, isn’t it? 😉

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The images which were taken by Anna from Anna Gilbert Photography were absolutely perfect, and really captured the wonder of ‘exploring the forest’ like I had always wanted to do! I wish I could have purchased all of the images Anna captured – they are stunning!
I also got to ‘#110. Hug a Tree’, which was another magical ‘tick off the list’!

Truly an amazing spot, and perfect for my first experience of being in the middle of a forest!

(images I took with my own personal camera)

Thank you so much to Anna, for bringing this beautiful experience to me, and sharing the magical moments along the way, with me – as I said in a previous blog, this adventure unfolded in the most magical way possible.  Still cannot believe the perfect timing of the Shoot voucher which I won, which tied in with the timing of me discovering the existence of outdoor terrain equipment – making this all possible!  I thoroughly enjoyed sharing this experience with you Anna, you really seemed to ‘get’ (in your own way of course) why this day was so very important for me!

Exploring the Forest…getting off the beaten track.  There is no other feeling quite like reaching deep down into your soul and taking yourself to where you know you are ‘home’. The forest, and raw nature, is this, for me.

ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE…when you live with Intention!

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