Anything is Possible…in your own Way!

Chasing my Dreams turns 5!


There have been a number of times I could have very, very easily walked away, and no longer lived my little venture publicly (while still continuing to live the ‘bucketlist lifestyle’ and smash my goals privately *I could never give my Dreams up totally!*) because of certain ‘behind the scenes’ incidents over the timeframe this little venture has been alive. Lifes hard enough, without those sorts of external pressures added, when you’re just trying to ‘do your bit’ in this world. But, it is because of those who have told me that I inspire them to make changes in their own life; that ‘what I do’ has given them a new way of looking at, and living their own life; that what I do has empowered them to take themselves out of a dark space; which keeps me going in those times I would rather just give this all up. Those who have chosen to share their personal goals and Dreams with me, which in turn inspire me, in my own life. Thank you. It is an honour to be able to make a difference in this world, and to spread a little bit of positivity, in a small corner of this everchanging (and sometimes not so nice) world of ours.

….and thats the thing, we ALL can, and most likely do in ways you are not even aware of, make a difference in someone elses life…you may just not be aware of just how you’ve done it….or that you even have. That stranger down the street you gave a smile and short compliment to? You may have just changed her/his entire day around. You may just be going about your day one day, and mindlessly done something which someone else has quietly observed you doing – which in turn made them smile and think of something in their own life that they can change. That’s how simple (and silent, without you even realising) ‘making a difference’ can be.

Thank you also to all of YOU who have been a part of my adventures the last 5yrs in no matter what way, small or large, and encouraged me to make a difference in my own life – YOU have helped me not give up…you have helped me towards a life I never, ever dreamed would be possible for me. I also now know what it feels like to feel true pride for myself, to feel that I do have worth, and have ‘grown into myself’ far more in the last 5yrs, than I ever did in the previous 4 decades. THANK YOU! 💙💛💚

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