Anything is Possible…in your own Way!

#184 – Micro-volunteering

Microvolunteering is, in laymans terms, bite-sized actions that benefit a worthy cause. These can be simple acts of kindness which can be completed in as little as 10 seconds, or anywhere from 1/5 minutes (or longer), eg. clicking on/signing a petition, or skill-based work lasting up to 30 minutes, such as proofreading documents for a charitable organisation.

I first stumbled across the concept of micro-volunteering a few years ago – and I think the concept is brilliant!  You could be someone who spends a lot of time at home (due to disability/illness/aged etc), or be between employment, or perhaps even busy with your work and still wanting to ‘help the world’ in some small way – the beauty of micro-volunteering is that you can do it from your very own computer (or mobile device if you choose…meaning you could even participate on your public transport commute on the way to work).

A few of the activities I have participated in, through Help from Home which links you to websites that host these activities, are:

~ Proofreading
~ Adding descriptions to photos in a museum, for the blind
~ Signing petitions which I believe in
~ Contributing my knowledge of wheelchair accessibility in locations around the world, by adding details onto a ‘wheelmap’
~ Transcribing prisoners blogs, from handwritten form into a typed format (this was really, really fascinating to me – giving me an insight into the mind of a prisoner)(

There are countless ways you can contribute to the world through microvolunteering.

Playing your part in contributing to the world…using small snippets of your time (and you could even do it in your PJs, at home!) – how cool is that! 🙂

ANYTHING is can contribute something to the world, even if you only have a minute to spare!



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