Anything is Possible…in your own Way!

CHASING MY DREAMS IS (temporarily) changing direction/going into hibernation over the next few months…it’s not permanent…but my posts will not be of the same nature/frequency for a while, as you are used to seeing here. I’ll also be taking an extended break for a number of weeks from my little venture, from towards the end of February.

In a long story short, I am booked in for surgery towards the end of February. This is major surgery, with what will be a long drawnout recovery afterwards. Due to the nature of this surgery (made more complicated and risky for my surgeon, and for myself because of the challenges my body is already living with) I am going to have to take it VERY carefully so as to not cause permanent damage to this body of mine which is already trying its best, given its existing challenges.

What this means is….for 6 weeks post-surgery, I will be basically housebound, under instructions (and silent protest!) not to move too much, for my body to start its healing. Full recovery (all going well, that is) is based on 3 months of ‘taking it easy, fitness-wise’ (which is going to drive me absolutely up the wall!!)

What this means for my Mt Coolum Climb? After receiving professional advice from different sources, and people on my personal support/care team – it has been decided to postpone my Climb until 2017. I know me, and my support/care team know ‘how my mind works’ – I know that in my absolute determination to Climb this year, I would push my mind through and quite possibly ignore (without meaning to, but in my determination and drive it may happen) any pain/symptoms I may feel post-surgery to be able to achieve my Climb – but in the process quite possibly suffer permanent damage to my body – which is the last thing I want/or need. It absolutely breaks my heart to postpone this until 2017 (especially since this is the 2nd year in a row that my body has thrown curveballs in the way of climbing Mt Coolum) – but you know what? This will only make it all the more rewarding and special, when I DO reach that beautiful summit and view at the top, which I am so hungry for. My mind desperately wants to climb Mt Coolum this year…but, my body is the one calling the shots here…if I don’t listen to my body, especially now…I’m in trouble…and could quite possibly kiss my mobility goodbye permanently, if I Climb in Winter 2016. The awesome thing about Climbing in 2017 though?? As we all know, it was racing inside the beautiful #17 V8 Supercar in 2011 which started off this whole amazing adventure of mine – so it makes perfect sense to Climb in 2017!!  …Perfect! 😀

What this surgery means for my longterm future? This is the good (awesome!!) news! No more regular (and increasing in regularity and severity to the point of being bedbound at times) pain in the particular area of surgery, of which I have been dealing with for a number of years now. I think my body knows the surgery is very near….as its currently delivering a ‘real doozy’ in regards to pain levels…cheeky body, you just had to give me a last minute ‘decent serve of it, didnt you? In my surgeons words, I will be a ‘whole new woman after you get through this…you’ll skim up that Mountain in no time flat!’

Well, that wasnt such a ‘long story short’ was it? I apologise for the longwinded explanation. All I can ask from here on in until this ‘not-so-little’ hiccup is behind me is, some understanding and patience – I am usually encouraging others on this website/my Facebook page and through how I live my life – now I’m going to be concentrating fully on myself for a while. Putting my bucketlist on the shelf is going to tear at me something chronic…but I will still be achieving Goals of a different kind, babystepping my way through recovery! If you have any positive thoughts spare, I’d appreciate some sent my way please.

I always encourage everyone to get out there and ‘do your best’..which is exactly how I am going to get through this. By doing MY very best that I can, in any given moment. Baby steps.

Thanks for reading…and thank you for joining our little Chasing my Dreams community, and for your support. It means the world 🙂 x

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