Anything is Possible…in your own Way!

Being a creative, visual person, I am always energised and motivated when I am able to be expressive in colourful/creative ways.  I have managed to sprinkle creativity and colour into my day in various ways:


With rediscovering the art of colouring…I’m able to spread colour on pages, in a fun, relaxing way…I love the creative yet calming escapism it gifts!


template (2)

Recently attending a creative workshop, I discovered how to create my own ‘colouring template’


Coloured Pens

Going about my ‘desk work’ and everyday notes and lists I write in my day….using different, brightly coloured pens makes even the ‘day to day routine’ in my life, much more fun!



Being creative, and enjoying expressing my thoughts in the written form – my Q&A a Day journal brings this out in me, every day! (I’ll describe this journal in more detail at the end of the month, when another ‘Tick’ is crossed off my list 😉 )


I LOVE getting creative (and destructive!) with my Wreck this Journal)! Colour it, rip into it, stain it, glue things into it…basically WRECK the pages, in many different ways – so much creative fun!


My Vision Book – the same concept as a ‘Vision Board’ (placing magazine pictures, words, designs etc onto a big piece of board/thick paper to give a visual picture of what you would love your Dream life to be, and contain – your dreams and goals etc) but in an exercise/note book so there are more pages to ‘play with’ and add to

These all offer a similar ‘escapism’ which I described in my previous “Learn to Meditate” post – but in a different way which reaches into the creative/visual side of me….without having to leave my home (these are especially helpful on days when I am physically unable to leave my home due to my ‘bad health days’), I can bring creativity into my life anytime I choose! 🙂


ANYTHING is Possible….when you bring out the parts of your personality which Spark Joy!


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