Anything is Possible…in your own Way!

Its no secret that this year has been a little ‘slower’ for me, with certain ‘life/health stuff’ happening that has held me back from achieving many of the things I would have loved to have achieved this year – I’ve really missed being able to get out there and chase the dreams I know I can make possible, with the energy I know Im usually capable of.  But…one of the dreams on my list, getting out to a different location on the Sunshine Coast once a month, in the (very!) early mornings and watching the magic of the sunrise, and a new day unfolding – has been such an amazingly fulfilling experience….even more so, as time goes on.  It has made the many months when I just wasn’t able to get out there and enjoy my life ‘as I know it’ that much more bearable…not to mention, when I haven’t been able to get out there and Chase my Dreams – doing this once a month has given me the feeling of, still getting out there and actively chasing a dream on my List, when I haven’t been able to, otherwise.     Its one morning a month…sure it has been wiping me out for the rest of the day when I do it haha…but, if I do it on a day when I am able to relax at home afterwards – it has been very achievable! 🙂

Heres just a snapshot of the sunrises Ive captured so far this year…just gorgeous.  I plan to create a collage of all the monthly albums of shots Ive taken…maybe even create it into an artwork for a wall in my home…

Magic...just magic! The sun rises every single morning without fail...and puts on some amazing 'shows' for us!

Magic…just magic! The sun rises every single morning without fail…and puts on some amazing ‘shows’ for us!

Being out in nature about an hour before the sun actually rises (yes, even in the middle of winter – the freezing cold 330am winter wake-ups have been a bit of a challenge, I wont deny it…but SO worth it once I get out there!) – THIS is when the real magic is…the breathtakingly beautiful colours, the serene atmosphere of being out there in complete silence and solitude as the world is still asleep around you – and as the sunrise creeps closer, you start to hear the occasional bird or insect start to wake up, and the everchanging is just such an amazing experience..

This was the sunrise, taken in January off Maroochydore beach on the Sunshine Coast, which prompted me to add this to my bucketlist…witnessing the absolute pure magic and beauty of this morning, I thought – “I HAVE to do this more often!” – so came straight home afterwards and added it to the bucketlist!


No matter what else is happening in my life…I know I will always have the next sunrise to look forward to..we all do! 🙂

Anything is Possible…each day is a new day, full of new possibilities!

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