Anything is Possible…in your own Way!

#3 Ride a Jetski – DONE! :D

On Saturday 7th September, I got to experience something which I have been wanting to do, for as long as I remember – I got to fulfil the 3rd of my major Life Dreams – 3 dreams I had had in my mind for a very very long time…forever, it seems.  These 3 (Race in a V8 Supercar/Racecar, Interact with a dolphin….and the 3rd, Ride a Jetski) Life Dreams had been in my mind, for many years, way before my bucketlist had even been born.  It’s a surreal feeling knowing that the 3rd of these has now come into my reality!

I had had a couple of opportunities to go out on the water on a jetski before now…but for one reason or another, they just didn’t happen.  Which is OK, because it paved the way for the absolutely amazing way it all unfolded, this past weekend!

Earlier this year, I headed to the Maroochy River to watch the launch of the ‘Flyboard Experience’…(a water powered jet pack which propels you into the air…it looks like SO much fun!)

Flying through the air, out of the water...awesome!

Flying through the air, out of the water…awesome!

While I was down there, my eyes and mind kept going over to the jetski’s which were beached up on the shore of the river….”THERE is my opportunity right there, to go jetski-ing!”.  Something clicked inside of me, and somehow, I just knew that this was the opportunity that I had been waiting for, all these years, to make it happen.  After the Flyboard Launch was over, I headed over to where the organisers were standing, introduced myself and told them that I’d love to tick jetski-ing off of my bucketlist…and would they consider getting me onto one of their jetskis to do so?  Cindy, from Maroochy River Jet Ski Hire, said YES! There it was….the opportunity was starting to actually come into my life!  We exchanged details, and sent emails – and the seed was planted.  Unfortunately, I then fell sick so wasn’t able to take this opportunity right away – but once I recovered, emails were sent – and a phonecall was made, to LOCK it in!! Yayz!! 😀 And the absolutely magic part was, Jonah, the guy taking me out, as it happens he has had many years in the carer industry, so immediately understood any fears/concerns I had regarding my disability/balance etc, which was awesome..he really ‘got’ why I was alittle worried, and didn’t make a big deal out of it, which really helped.

So, on this past Saturday morning, I drove, full of nervous excitement, down to the Maroochy River, to meet up with Jonah, and to jump onto that jetski for the time of my life!  And it was an experience most certainly worth waiting for…for sure! Heres my thoughts after the experience was lived…

“#3. Ride a Jetski – DONE!  Wow…wow…what an EPIC experience that was! Not only did I get to ride on the jetski, but I got to drive it myself, with the awesome Jonah from Maroochy River Jet Ski Hire on the back, supporting around me for my balance. I zoomed around out on that water, having the absolute time of my life (getting faster once I got used to the whole ‘balance’ sensation etc)…riding over the little waves which other ski’s created, doing loops and figure-8s in the freestyle area – taking it right up to ‘hire set speed’ up the strait…and wanting to push it faster! haha. I could not believe that I was actually driving the machine, MYSELF!  How empowering!  Instead of being taken for a ride as a passenger..I was actually driving it, myself….wow! 😀

After my ride was over, Jonah took me for a ride up the river to the rivermouth and to other areas of the river (me still on the front, but him controlling it from the back, so he could support his arms/legs around me) to show me what the ski is REALLY capable of..! (in the ‘free water’ area, not in the hire area). I think by then he knew that I loved a bit of speed haha. WOWZERS! I have to tell you, going at that speed, was a little scary at first (because of my balance issue….not because of the speed, I LOVED the speed – not actually being strapped in was a little surreal…I had to trust fully in Jonah that he had me ‘strapped in’ with his support!), especially bumping over the bigger waves that we crossed..but…it was ‘awesomely scary’…SO MUCH FUN!!  Zooming through that water, all the adrenaline pumping through me, from the speed…Yeeew…I loved every second of it…especially the ‘scarily awesome’ speed we were travelling at! 😀

Wow..I am actually on a jetski - Im about to drive this beast, myself...amazing feeling! :D

Wow..I am actually on a jetski – Im about to drive this beast, myself…amazing feeling! 😀

There were some other shots taken while we were on the jetski, I will add these to this post when I have them from the company…this above shot was taken when I first sat on it, before we went out…

My next adrenaline adventure…hmm I wonder what that will be – Ive come to realise that I love, and seek adrenaline – and I will definitely have to get some more….soon! 😀

Thank you SO much to the awesome Jonah (and Cindy) from Maroochy River Jet Ski Hire for helping me make this happen in such a fun and flawless way…I felt just like ‘anyone else out there on a jetski’ – as someone with a disability, this feeling is absolutely priceless! I WILL be back! 😀

Maroochy River Jet Ski Hire...where dreams come true!

Maroochy River Jet Ski Hire…where dreams come true!

**Update:  Monday 9th September – driving past the river this morning, I glanced across at the water while sitting at the lights and found myself with a huge smile on my face – I no longer had that empty longing feeling to be out on that water, zooming around just like anyone else on that river on a jetski…because I can do it…Ive DONE IT!  The feeling now is “Wow..Ive done that..and it is SO much fun!” And that’s what bringing your dreams and goals to life is all about – no longer having the ‘longing’ to do it, those things you’ve ‘always wanted to do’ – because you’ve done it! And next time (you can bet there will be a next time haha) – I wont have my ‘nerves because of my balance’ to worry about…awesome!

Anything is Possible…when you find the right people to help you make it happen!

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