Anything is Possible…in your own Way!

While its true that the momentum of 2013 is a lot slower, and calmer than 2012 – its still very exciting! 😀  Ive been planting seeds, making connections, gaining inspiration of future ‘dreams’ by observing my world around me, pulling things together in the background – and while the anticipation of whats about to start unfolding, is excruciating (its just like waiting for Christmas, as a child…but much better! lol)…its very exciting at the same time!  LOVE the feeling of anticipation, and waiting for the days to come!  I think my ‘wanting a steady, slower 2013’ has changed to…2013: BRING IT ON! haha…  🙂

Some may remember my ‘Plant a Tree’ I mentioned recently, which is #114 on my List.  After initially adding it to my list, and just having the initial idea of simply getting down onto the ground (having no feeling in my feet, Im unable to have the experience which others have of ‘feeling the earth under my feet, and feeling connected to it’, so doing this is ‘my way of feeling connected to the earth’), literally getting down and planting a tree into the ground, and (if possible), going to visit ‘my tree’ from time to time, and watching its growth – true to form with dreams on my list….it has evolved into something much more special! 🙂

Not long after adding this to my list, I received in my mailbox, a notice informing residents in my area about a local conservation project….’Brilliant, this is perfect!’, I thought! 🙂 Its also my way of helping out in my local community.  So, I made contact with the person listed on the notice – after a conversation about this item on my list, about my disability, and my want to join in on this project – I was in!  Simple as that!

Plant a seed
But wait…it gets better! This past weekend I received an email about the project, which is due to start on April 12th:

The Unity Water corporate planting day has been set for Friday 12 April
commencing at 0845 with a talk from the traditional owners and a short
introduction by Councillor Greg Rogerson. This will be followed by a mass
planting in which you are invited to join, and then a BBQ lunch.”

This planting day is followed by regular working bees every month….so, once again, its not just a ‘tick off the list’ and then the ‘thing on my list’ is behind me…this is ongoing…and its going to be SO much fun! 🙂

The planting day sounds like its going to be an awesome morning of joining together as a local community, and doing ‘something good’ for our local environment, as well as meeting others who are taking part in the Project…and meeting together once a month to continue our nurturing, of this land.  With ‘urban development’ happening at a rapid rate in this country…it feels like a real priviledge to be doing our part, to preserve this piece of land.  Who knows, we may even be allowed to ‘name our tree’…so of course mine would be named ‘the Tarns tree’…haha 😉

This planting day is just the start of exciting things to come for my Chasing my Dreams journey this year!  In the weeks/months to come, I will also be ticking off #162.  Attend an outdoor Music Festival, #28. Go backstage at a major event/rock concert/show, #166. Poker Run in aid of charity…as well as training for the Sunshine Coast Marathon (#145), and fundraising for my ‘charity of choice’ through my Marathon entry – SBH Qld! 🙂  (As always, if you’d like to support my efforts, you are very welcome to donate to SBH Qld by clicking on the ‘SBH Qld’ logo on the right side of this page – as many people know, it is a charity which is very close to my heart, because of their outstanding support they have offered myself and many other people I know)

And this is just whats planned…I wonder what else the rest of 2013 has in store for me…Im excited! 😀

Plant a seed in your life….watch it grow…and you just never know how much your life will change! 🙂

**UPDATE April 10, 2012:  This has now been postponed to May 10, 2012  – the same day I leave for the Poker Run (a Bike/Car ride for Charity, up to Bundaberg – #166 on my List)…this is going to be a very busy day, two awesome adventures on the same day – Plant a Tree in the morning, and leaving for the Poker Run (away Friday-Sunday) in the afternoon! The constant rain we are having on the Sunshine Coast has prevented this from happening on April 12th 😦   Im posting this update with ‘two sleeps’ to go, so I was really getting excited about this unfolding…but, it will be well worth the wait!  Sometimes, even when something you want to do in life is all organised, and set to happen – life steps in and prevents it from happening at that time.  But, there is always another opportunity to make it happen, even if it cant be at that time…**

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