Anything is Possible…in your own Way!

Opportunities seem to come out of absolutely nowhere at times..and this certainly was no different – it was awesome how this came about, so easily! 🙂 On Saturday 22nd September, 2012, I headed to Sunshine Plaza Maroochydore, based at the Community Table down there, to raise funds for SBH Qld (my chosen charity for my Fundraiser Event on November 2, 2012).   When I was settled in and set up for the mornings adventures, I noticed the Police Beat opposite me.  I didnt think a lot more of it…except for hoping to catch the eye of the ‘boy in blue’ who was based there, when he walked out of the office, to see if he would be kind enough to support the charity 😉   But…he was just too busy to come over…dammit 😦  haha…  Sunday 23rd September – I headed back to Sunshine Plaza, to raise further funds for the charity.  As I was setting up, the policeman who I had tried to catch his eye the day before came over for a chat, it was awesome to talk to him about what I am achieving, with my bucket list, my Fitness Goals, and my Fundraiser Event.  He seemed genuinely curious and interested in what I was doing, which was great.  Oh, and he (‘Policeman Ray’) supported the charity – awesome! 😀 When he went back inside the Police Beat office, it struck me – No. #125 on my bucket list – ‘Hug a Policeman’!! Opportunity – it was LITERALLY right in front of me..haha.  So, a while later, when my Mum was there with her camera, I rocked into the Police Beat and cheekily asked ‘Policeman Ray’, “I have a favour to ask…you know my bucket list I talked to you about…one of the things on it is to Hug a Policeman – would you help me tick this off, can I please have a hug, Ray?”, I smiled sweetly 🙂 …Ray was very cool about it, a big smile appeared on his face, and he immediately came out and gave me a hug and posed for a photo..

“Constable Stud” was very obliging…haha…

Ticking this off the list was SO much fun! 😀   Later in the afternoon, Rays partner came strolling out, I asked him if he knew how Ray had helped tick something off my list – he smiled and said yes he’d heard all about it…I replied that I should have got one with him as well!  He told me how much longer he was going to be at Police Beat…and another idea struck me – guess who is going to rock back into Police Beat with her camera, in the near future?? haha 😉 Anything is Possible..especially when opportunities are right in front of you!

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