Anything is Possible…in your own Way!

Some opportunities just fall literally on your lap, some dreams dont have to be ‘chased’ – and this was one of those times – totally surprised and amazed how this came about! 🙂

On October 10, I was at home, not knowing which way to turn next, when it came to continuing to organise for my Fundraiser Event to be held on Friday November 2nd.  I was having one of those “OMG I just dont know what to do next, this is all a little overwhelming” days, when the phone rang.  Something sparked inside of me, even before I answered the call, ‘somehow’ I knew that this was going to be something great, something which would turn my whole day around.  And I was right!

My ‘wipeout buddy’ Sharon from my Disabled Surfing experience I ticked off the list earlier in the year (she was on the board with me, when I fell off and went underwater) was on the phone – she had a surprise for me.  I was invited into the Zinc FM/Hot 91FM studios to take part in a segment called ‘Secret Womens Business’, with herself, Kate, and Laurie Atlas, the radio announcer, to tick this off of my List.  Wow! 😀

Excitedly, I headed down to the studios, not knowing what was ahead of me, but SO looking forward to the experience.  Ever since I was a little girl, I had dreamed of one day being on radio – and this was my chance!  (this was totally different to my recent interview on Noosa Community Radio – that experience was basically rehearsed, and I knew exactly what I was going to say/be asked….this was different, this was just chatting away with the others who were in the segment with me, as if we were sitting around on the couch, chatting).  I spent a lot of time in hospitals when I was growing up, with various surgeries, treatments etc for my disabilities – one of the main hospitals I spent this time in (Waikato Hospital, in Hamilton NZ) had a hospital Radio “Tonic Time” – a lot of my time in the ward was spent listening to this radio station – this is where my ‘dream’ was born, to one day do what these people were doing, and be on radio.  And now its happening! 

With Kate and Sharon, the other “Secret Womens Business’ girls – SO much fun!

I was taken into the studios, introduced to Kate, and re-introduced to Laurie (who I had met recently, when Sharon took me for a tour through the Studios – that was amazing, I love seeing behind the scenes of elements of the entertainment industry, whether this be radio, television, at concerts etc.  I felt similar to when I was on The Circle, and Neighbours earlier in the year – somehow, I felt ‘at home’, I was completely 100% comfortable in this environment.  And this same feeling continued when on-air during the segment.  It really was (as was the feeling when I was on the Couch, with the girls/guest hosts on The Circle) as if I was just chatting with old friends.  We chatted about everything from 50 Shades of Grey, to weird dreams, my bucket list, motor racing, fashion trends, womens body image – chatting about this not just with the two other women, but to chat with, and hear from a mans point of view (Laurie Atlas), about what are ‘womens issues’ made for such a fun, interesting experience!  Beauties and the Beast??  Thorn between 3 Roses?? I only hope that we entertained the listeners who heard us! haha…

With Laurie Atkins, Radio Announcer.
“Thumbs Up” – I must have done a good job..haha..

Before I knew it, the experience was over….’Awww, already? That was SO much fun!’.  But sadly, yes, my experience on radio had come to a close.  I had thoughts of, I would LOVE to do this on a regular basis (but also very grateful for this one experience).  I still have ‘#148. Be a ‘guest host’ on a breakfast radio show’ – so when this comes true for me, I will get my chance again, to experience the fun of being on radio, bantering with the other hosts! 🙂  I didnt want to leave the studio, I was really drawn to it (just like I felt incredibly drawn to, and ‘at home’ in, the Neighbours and The Circle, studios.  Hmmmm maybe this means something may be in my future, to do with this industry? Who knows…but thats the exciting part about the future – you just never know what (or who) is going to appear in it! 🙂

If I hadnt have been brave enough to take the opportunity to go surfing earlier in the year (until I actually arrived at the beach that day, I was still trying to talk myself out of it *which is unlike the ‘me, now’ who doesnt say No to experiences in front of me, in life*, I was SO nervous about doing it), I wouldnt have met Sharon….and so this radio opportunity wouldnt have come about in the brilliant way that it did.  The surprise element of it, and the fact that someone wanted to help me tick something off of my List, was an amazing feeling.  This is the very reason why Im a huge believer in grasping opportunities wherever and whenever you can…its lke the ‘domino effect’, one opportunity can lead to another..and another, and more doors open, with the people you meet, and things you experience in life.  Its amazing how it works! 🙂

Anything is Possible…when you grasp opportunities!

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