Anything is Possible…in your own Way!

Wow…only six weeks to go until I tick off ‘Climbing my Mountain’, ‘Walk down the beach’, and ‘Slowdancing’ – 3 experiences I have yet to discover the magic of…but I will be, soon! 🙂  I am so proud to be not only ticking these HUGE Fitness Goals off the list, and working hard to achieve them – but, to be also ‘giving back’ to (the now former) SBH Qld (Spina Bifida Hydrocephalus Qld) at the same time, by holding a Fundraiser for them, in conjunction with these 3 Fitness Goals.

My ‘Fitness Blog’, of the journey towards achieving my Fitness Goals, and details of the Fundraiser Event can be found here .

It has proved to be an AMAZING journey – even more challenging than I thought it would be..much more emotionally-charged than I ‘expected’ (although I had NO idea what to expect)…as people have said to me, it is ‘bigger than you’ – and they are 110% correct.  This is the biggest challenge I have ever set myself – not only working hard to achieve my Fitness Goals, but holding my first Fundraiser Event (which is no easy feat, arranging this – its a juggling act for sure!).  I sure dont do things by halves!  Getting ill, halfway towards the ‘home straight’ didnt help matters…but…this has made the whole experience something that I KNOW, that when I reach these goals, and SMASH them, the rewards will be all the more sweeter, from the struggles Ive had along the pathway to my Goals.

The rest of my Chasing my Dreams bucket list adventures has been put on the back burner for now, at least until after the Event.  Funnily enough, even though I am fully focussed on this very special time in my life of whats ahead of me in the near future – I have still been discovering contacts, and ways of achieving other ‘ticks’ on my list – these have still *as has happened all the way along this journey* been literally ‘falling into my hands’, without me having to go searching too far for them.   This is leaving me with VERY itchy feet, to get back to ticking other things off the list, and experiencing other ‘firsts’ in my life – but, I am fully aware that these 3 Goals, and the Event, are 110% worth my full focus and commitment.  I am fully ‘tunnel-focussed’ towards this magic time in my life..a time in which I want to savour every moment, feel every emotion, really LIVE the experience of what Im going through, to achieve what I am aiming for.  This experience will never come around again…and I feel SO blessed that I have learnt the ‘art’ of really taking in what Im feeling and experiencing in life, rather than just ‘going through the motions’ of it.  THIS is what living is all about!

Training to walk down the beach, with my outdoor trainer, Stacie Mackay

My Fitness Goals, in 6 weeks time – BRING EM ON!! 😀

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