Anything is Possible…in your own Way!

 The further along this path I go with Chasing my Dreams, the more I realise that, if you truely do live with your heart, with your passions that are deep down inside of you…the more opportunities and ‘open doors’ appear right in front of you.  Call it the Law of Attraction, call it what you will…but theres no denying that when someone (Ive observed this in so many people over the past year) is living doing what they truely KNOW they are meant to be doing in their lives…its not ‘pure luck’ that gets them living their amazing lives which unfold in front of them.  Its because, I believe, they are truely fulfilled, and living what they were put on this earth, to do – so ‘Life itself’ supports this, by presenting these amazing opportunities – which you can either say ‘yes’ or ‘no’ to.  And Ive noticed with myself..the more I say ‘Yes’…the more opportunities appear!  Im not saying life is magically ‘easy’ once you start living with your heart and passion – lifes rewards are so much sweeter when you work hard for, and stay focussed on them – but it certainly is ‘easier’, and SO much more fun and fulfilling! Not just ‘going through the motions’ of life….but really focussing on what makes you happy, what I call, what ‘makes your heart sing’.  And, as I often say myself…you’re Making it Happen!

This was very evident in the months of July and August for myself, when I got to have many experiences to do with my big passion in life – motor racing.  Anyone who knows me, cannot deny that this is one of the biggest passions in my life, my love of the sport.  Its more than a love for it though….its something I know without a doubt that I am meant to have in my life, in some shape or form.  My family raced when I was young, I ‘missed out’ because of my disability…but the sport etched its way into my heart in a very strong way – a way that drives me (excuse the pun!) so much, these days.  I look at the passion that a racecar driver has for his sport, and his car….and I ‘get it’, I really do….’in my own way’..

When you live your life following your passions in life…magic really does happen! 🙂

In July and August 2012, I had the absolute priviledge and honour of meeting not just one, but 11…..yes thats ELEVEN racecar drivers (past and present) – SUCH a buzz for me!  Along with the experiences I mentioned in my previous blog (Team Mates Week), having the experiences of meeting all these men, these racedrivers, was incredible.  Following your passion really does bring some amazing experiences into your life!

Pacific Ford FPV Show

Allan Moffat

Lee Holdsworth & Shane van Gisbergen






DJR Team Mates Night 2012

James Moffat

A very special ‘meet’ with Dick and Steve – first time I had seen them both since that Magic day in August, 2011, when Stevie J raced me to my Life Dream! 🙂

Dean Fiore & Steve Owen




 Queensland Raceway

Will Davison & Mark WInterbottom (Frosty)

  …Aaah…Queensland Raceway 2012 – what an incredible day, full of so many highlights which I will post about in a future blog. I also, got to meet (again) Dick, James, Steve O, and Dean from the DJR SuperTeam, at Qld Raceway (unfortunately Stevie J was elsewhere at the DJR Team Mates Signing Session).. …oh, and I cant forget my ‘brief moment’ with Craig Lowndes lol…

Craig Lowndes
…Yes his big grin is even wider up close, than you see on telly! haha..

I was wondering through the grounds at Qld Raceway, near the Merchandise area, looking around in awe at everything that was going on around me….when I felt a hand on my shoulder and a friendly ‘Hey G’day, how ya going?’…I looked up, and who do I see but Craig Lowndes, grinning his huge grin, straight down at me….he was obviously in a rush to go to his Signing (when I reached the Transporter area, his lineup was HUGE! he couldnt stop, had to go greet his fans/supporters!), so didnt stop for a chat – but I thought that was lovely of him to acknowledge me, as he was rushing past – given that I didnt even realise he was there, till he came up behind me and reached out to me….awesome! 🙂

You know its funny…when I met each and every one of these guys, these guys who are ‘living my dream’ in the racing world…I thought I wouldnt be ‘shy’ – yes with Stevie J we (again, as we did after my Ride last year with him), sat and had a chat, I got my opportunity to thank him for changing my life, and telling him about the magic year I have had, since that day we raced around QR.  But, with all the other drivers, I just didnt know what to say to them…its not that I put them on a ‘pedestal’ or anything, I think its because I am SO in awe of their lives, and what they get to do with it – I just didnt know what to say, when right in front of all these men who were living their amazing lives in the sport that I love so much. 

So yes, I have found people who leave me ‘lost for words’…me, who loves a chat – lost for words?  Yes..ANYTHING is Possible! haha…

So there it was, my month of having the most incredible run of meeting all these guys who are all living their passion – the same passion (well my passion is on a different scale obviously lol) that I have – motor racing.  I absolutely LOVE meeting people who are living their passions – whatever that passion is, I just love observing people who are doing exactly what they know they are meant to be doing, in this world. 

There is no better way to live, in my opinion…

….what is YOUR Passion….what makes YOUR ‘heart smile’?..

Anything is Possible…when youre living your Passion!

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