Anything is Possible…in your own Way!

I have just come home from the most magical weekend – the Like Chocolate for Women Retreat, of which I was on the Support Crew.  SO blessed to have been asked to be on Crew for this beautiful, luxurious, experience – made doubly special, as I was a Participant last year, so I knew how special this Retreat meant to Kim (Kim Morrison – founder of Like Chocolate for Women),what it meant to me as a past Participant (last years Retreat was a HUGE weekend of transformation for myself ) – and I also knew what it would mean to the women who attended – and what it would grow to mean to most, if not all of us, by the end of it.

I am someone who has been supported in so many ways throughout my lifetime, sometimes to do the most menial of tasks, just to not only exist, but live a productive life, independently – so, to be on the ‘other side of the coin’, and to not only support the beautiful Kim Morrison in her mission to bring her amazing message to other women in this world…but to be there to support this roomful of women as they learn these tools – what an incredible experience for me, personally.  I was ‘one of those women’ last year, when I was a participant in the Retreat (and I also know how vital a support network is to have around you), so I know how much I valued having the Suppport Team there at the Retreat to turn to, for support, questions, a shoulder when tears fell etc – so to now be someone that another woman was depending on for support to deliver her message, and for the participants to be able to turn to, if and when needed – wow, what a priviledge. 

At first, as I was heading into the weekend, I admit I was thinking, ‘what can *I* do?’….’how on earth am I going to be able to support these women, when I need/have needed so much support in my own life’, ‘am I *really* going to be of value, and someone who Kim is able to utilise on this Retreat?’ ‘I hope Im not just going to be in the way’ – but these fears were eliminated as soon as I went in the door of the Room.  Meeting the other girls, helping set up the room, being on the door greeting the women as they first came in on the first day, and performing other tasks over the weekend, including just ‘being there’ for some of the woman, who turned to me personally when they needed support/someone to talk to etc  – yes, what a priviledge it felt, to be a part of delivering this special message to these women.  To be of support to someone else/a group of people, instead of me needing the support…yep, amazing. 

As I sit here back at home, sipping on a hot cup of tea, in my cosy PJs, my basil essential oil in the vaporiser (basil oil takes me straight out to nature, into the forest – it has the most exquisite aroma  to it.  Before the LCFW Retreat last year, I never would have thought to use basil as a relaxation oil – I always just associated basil with food! haha), listening to my relaxation music, reflecting over the past weekend as I write this blog, I am overcome with an immense sense of wonder…a wonder at life itself – it delivers the most delicious experiences, that I am so proud to be able to fully embrace with all I have got – proud that Ive been able to finally ‘step up to the plate’ for myself.  That is what this ‘bucket list lifestyle’ has given me – the ability to embrace life itself. 

As for anything that went on over the weekend – as the saying goes ‘What goes on Retreat, stays on Retreat’…haha…but seriously – a Like Chocolate For Women Retreat is something that every woman, given the opportunity, should experience.  Its not often I say the word ‘should’ – but this Retreat…in fact, any of the Like Chocolate for Women experiences, does nothing but improve your life, shall you be open up to receive the lessons it teaches you.   I wont go into specifics of what goes on, on one of these Retreats…for one, you really have to FEEL it, to experience it for yourself to get the benefit of it..and for two, if you do get to experience the Retreat one day – I don’t want to spoil a moment of it for you, by revealing any of the information/activities that went on, but lets just say, if its anything like what Ive experienced, it will totally change your life, and how you live it, and think of yourself, as a woman.  What I will say is a weekend packed full of reminders, techniques, rituals of self-care, indulgence, pampering, connection, fun (OMG…SO much fun, Kim is just a brilliant presenter, and the ‘stories’ she shares, to relate to the messages that she is delivering – hilarious, and gorgeous at the same time…haha)  Oh, and not to forget the chocolate…the most exquisite chocolate makes an appearance…and champagne.  Cant forget the champagne haha….

(If you’re not able to get to a Retreat, or hold a Sparkle Night in your own home,  you are able to purchase the books, oils, and other selfcare products available on the online shop – and there also is the Facebook page.  These are all wonderful tools which contribute to self-care, as a woman.  Like Chocolate for Women, and the way it is able to be experienced, is just the most luxurious, but ‘reachable’ concept.  LCFW isnt just about ‘products’, and ‘just another aromatherapy company out there’ – FAR from it…the rituals (habits) it teaches you to bring into your own daily life, the value it teaches you as a woman in this world, the selfcare you are taught to embrace – it is a ‘lifestyle concept’, rather than just ‘products to use’). 

Oh and guys, you don’t miss out just because youre not a woman! Haha..ooh no…  If you have a woman in your life who lives the ‘Choccy’ way, by her taking on even just a few of these essential, and special, life and selfcare tools…you will benefit too, by having a more centred, happy woman by your side.  Oh and also…you are able to experience your own ‘touch’ of this, check out Like Sport for Men – a site run by a sportsman, for men (a man who knows ‘just a little’ (haha) about cricket and sport – Danny Morrison, ex-NZ International cricket player).  Danny also happens to be Kims wife.  A dynamic couple, who’ve truly embraced their lives – LOVE these types of people!

Oh, and I got to deliver a ‘mini-Talk’ – unscripted, no Powerpoint  presentation – just a few minutes up the front of the group, sharing my ‘journey’ – and once again, I was blessed and so proud, to be able to share my ‘story’ with this group of women.

Pride – who would have thought it?  I went through over 40years of just not being able to be proud of myself (even though I felt it from others, when they told me they were proud of me, I just could not feel it for myself).  In fact – when the song ‘Proud’ was played at the LCFW Retreat last year, I shed a tear, as I just could not bring myself to feel proud of myself – and I SO wanted to feel this!  Bringing time forward to this years Retreat, after this amazing year of life changing experiences – and when the song ‘Proud’ was played – guess what?  Tears were shed again – but this time, they came from pride itself – I was so proud of myself, for what Ive been able to achieve in my life, and for being asked to support such an amazing experience, run by an incredibly inspirational woman.  An amazing feeling!

I feel (and felt over the weekend) such a sense of pride also, for Kim (SO proud of Kim, for the incredible woman that she is, and for what she gives to others around her – what an inspiration!), Stacey, the rest of the Team who supported the group of women….and especially to the women themselves, for coming to the Retreat – the Retreat can sometimes bring up ‘stuff’ from inside of you – and I am proud of any of the women there who faced their ‘stuff’, and worked through it, over the weekend. 

Yet again…a ‘tick’ on my List has turned out to be such a magical experience.  Wow…  

Anything is Possible…with support

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