Anything is Possible…in your own Way!

At a recent Fundraiser night, I was introduced to the wonderful charity organisation The Board Meeting that helps fund equipment needs for local Sunshine Coast kids with disabilities – they raise money through various ways during the year, and fund equipment that the child may not otherwise be able to obtain, because of not being able to receive it through other ways (other funding bodies/disability organisations etc). 

At the Fundraiser, I got chatting to the man who runs this charity, and raised my want to ‘give back’ to a childrens charity…I then asked whether they would need any more support through someone like myself coming on board.  “Sure, we’d love to have you!”.  I then was given a contact to make this happen. easy as that, I was given a wonderful opportunity to make a difference, in my small way, to the lives of kids with disabilities.  Having been a ‘child with a disability’, it somehow felt wonderful to be able to do this, for them, in whatever way I was going to be able to do it.

The Board Meeting holds a Charity Corporate Surf Event every year – this year it is on 10th November, 2012 – Register a Team, take part, and help change childrens lives! 🙂

Fast forward to 29th May, 2012 – 5am, on a very cold morning.  The alarm went off…but rather than cursing it, I excitedly got up (as I said to my friend who took me out to the racetrack on the weekend, and I had to be up at 6am to make it happen – getting up this early, in the freezing cold, is EASY, when its something youre really looking forward to!) and looked forward to what was about to unfold.

After getting lost on the way….I always seem to get lost when I use my GPS!…I finally arrived to where the meeting was to be held.  Making my way into the building, I was then introduced to the other members of the charity.  What an awesome, giving, group of people!  I felt honoured to be there, making this happen for kids out there, on the Coast.  As the meeting unfolded, I was then given an opportunity – the want was for ‘someone’ to go out to the family on the day of handover of the equipment, and take photos of it unfolding for this child.  I immediately spoke up, and said I would love to do it.  I felt that this would be such a priviledge, capturing the moment this child received a piece of equipment which was going to enrich their life, while living with their disability.  I know the feeling myself, of receiving new mobility equipment – it is MUCH better than Christmas! So to be there and to witness when this happens for these children…yep, its going to be something pretty special.  It may be something small that I am doing for these children/families….but, ‘every little bit helps’, in this world!

As I drove away from the meeting, I felt so good about what had just happened in that office – childrens lives are being enriched/improved, by what this group of people strive to do for them.  Awesome!

Anything is Possible…when you’re given an opportunity like these kids have, through The Board Meeting!

**Update:  Unfortunately this didnt work out for me – so, #70. Work/Volunteer with a childrens and/or animals organisation, is back on the list…

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