Anything is Possible…in your own Way!

On a rainy Saturday morning on the first weekend of Winter 2012, I headed down to Cotton Tree Park, Maroochydore, for Laughter Yoga Sunshine Laughter .     Laughter Yoga, in the park, next to the water (the Maroochy rivermouth) is such a fun, refreshing, exhilarating way to start the day, the weekend…and to start winter – theres nothing like the feeling of being out in the fresh, brisk morning air, breathing in all that goodness (being beside the water adds to the bliss of it too…!), and being surrounded by a group of the most amazingly beautiful people, who, like me, were there to LAUGH, play, and just be in the moment of this beautiful thing called Life!

After half an hour of laughing, breathing, pretending to be dodgem cars, kookaburras, fireworks, an array of other scenarios, and just playing – we gathered together for our usual ‘after-Laughter cuppa and chat’.  As we sat there laughing, talking and just enjoying the moment…it started to rain again….and a thought immediately came into my mind. 


As soon as the thought hit my mind, it came flying out of my mouth…I looked around at my friend who was next to me, we looked straight at each other, a glint of mischief came into both of our eyes, and we laughed and said LETS DO IT!!! 

Off we went, out into the middle of the grass/park, grabbing each others hands, twirling, spinning, laughing, dipping, laughing some was AWESOME.  I felt so free….so childlike and playful…I was ME!  THIS is what living is all about..just being who you are meant to be, living who you really are, deep down inside.  In these moments, dancing on the grass with the rain soaking us, I truely was the free spirit I know I was born to be. 

THIS is why I put this particular thing on my List…not to ‘challenge’ me, not to confront me, not to test me, as some of the Ticks on my list are based around…..but to BE me.  And it worked…and even better, was that it was impromptu…the opportunity was there, I/we grabbed it, and I lived it…! 🙂

Dance in the Rain!

Gotta LOVE an impromptu ‘Tick!’ – two in the one week – meeting the racer with a disability last weekend….dancing in the rain this weekend – awesome! 😀

“Dance like nobody’s watching; love like you’ve never been hurt. Sing like nobody’s listening; live like it’s heaven on earth.” – Mark Twain

Anything is Possible…when you dare to be YOU! 🙂

Just had to share this thought that I posted on my Facebook page, at the end of the day of this particular ‘Tick’:

“It was only for a few minutes…but it was the best few minutes of today, and has made me end this day with a big smile in my heart – Todays ‘Tick’ #93 – Dance in the Rain ♥

Treasure the small things in life…they can sometimes mean the most 🙂 xx “

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