Anything is Possible…in your own Way!

For as far back as I can remember as an adult, I always wanted to have my own vegie patch – I had kept this in the back of my mind, never making it happen (because of circumstance, living arrangements, and basically just not focussing on it in my life).  Part of the reason for wanting a vegie patch was, this felt really ‘homely’ to me, whenever I was at a house which had one.  As an adult, having a real ‘homely’ feeling, wherever I lived, was really important to me.  I had never really felt this….until just over a year ago, when I moved into my new home (unit), with a front and back yard.  You know when you walk into some homes, and you instantly feel ‘at home’? This is how I felt when I saw my new home….even before I moved in.  Awesome! 🙂  When I checked out the size of the yards, I thought of my vegie patch I always wanted, and I felt even more ‘at home’ – it was the best feeling!

By sheer coincidence, within a few months of moving into my home, I was talking to Mark, at the Maroochy Neighbourhood Centre.  The Centre had in recent years, started a successful Community Garden project at the Centre…and Mark was about to develop a raised/accessible garden bed so people in chairs, elderly people, and others with limited movement/ability to bend down to a garden were able to enjoy this hobby.  He wanted me to be the ‘guinea pig’ for this new garden bed, so he would have someone in a chair to test it out on, as it was developed and constructed.  I didnt hesitate to become involved, it was an awesome idea!

Over time, we discussed size, length, all sorts of measurements/designs etc for it, and as the bed was developing, I was getting excited – “Opportunity!” – this was a chance for me to start my own vegie patch at home, in this accessible garden bed! 🙂   One day not long after, I got the call I was waiting for “Come and check out the Access Bed, its finished!”..

Access Garden Bed – it is PERFECT, and very well designed! I can sit with my legs all the way under it, like a table, because of its triangular shape.

Two of the beds were added to the Community Garden, and I ended up purchasing and having one constructed for my home – I was one step closer to having my very own vegie patch!  I decided to wait until the following winter to start planting, as Id heard (me being less than a  novice gardener, I had NO idea!) that planting new vegies in winter was the better option for their survival – and with me not having a green thumb at all, I had to give my new vegies the best chance to live, under my hands…haha….

One morning in early May 2012, I went seedling shopping, I was SO excited – and this is what I came home with, and planted in my garden bed…..that in itself was special, the moment I started to bring my garden bed to life!

It was SO much fun, planting these ‘baby plants’ and knowing that I have the challenge ahead of me of keeping them alive, until one day I can enjoy eating my very own produce – awesome!

Now comes the challenge of keeping these babies alive, until I am able to enjoy them…wish me luck! haha

4 weeks later…my ‘babies’ are still alive, and they are thriving! I am now starting to enjoy some of what we planted – the lettuce, spinach, and herbs are SO yummy….and its such a great feeling to be able to eat my own produce that I have grown, myself! 🙂

4 weeks old – and still alive. Not only alive, but THRIVING! 🙂

Anything is Possible…in your own back yard!

Update:  Unfortunately, over time, the garden did die off….BUT, I am in the process of bringing it back to life again.  While it was alive the first time, I really enjoyed having the fresh produce to eat…and it WILL grow again! So, I guess you could call this a Tick..with an ‘Untick’ (as it did end up dying off).  Hey, gardens die off over time, vegies are seasonable..its what they do….right?? haha 😉  

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