Anything is Possible…in your own Way!

Seeing things through…

Theres one thing that Ive noticed change about myself, since I started ‘chasing my dreams’.  I am actually seeing things through, I am committing to things, and seeing them to ‘completion’ – I am no longer flitting from starting one thing to another, trying to find something that I actually feel ‘fulfilment’ from (whether that be a hobby, interest, or something that reaches inside my spirit).  I see this as because, with this lifestyle I am living now, I AM fulfilled.  And I see it as, because I am no longer ‘trying something just for the sake of it’ (for ‘something to do’) – I am purposely doing things (the Dreams on my List) which actually do mean something to me, in my life.  From the thought of ‘Wow Id love to do that one day!’…to putting it on my List…to actually DOING it – I am living my life with complete purpose now – and it is an AWESOME feeling! 🙂

The sense of achievement I get, when ticking something off of my List, whether its something ‘small’ or something monumental….is one of the best, and most important feelings in the world, to me.  This sense of achievement sometimes is few and far between when you are living with a disability, and so not ‘achieving’ what others are, in this world.    This is part of what keeps me going on this journey – I am achieving…I am REALLY living…and *I* have chosen to achieve these things, myself! 🙂

It is through Chasing my Dreams, that I have discovered my true potential…

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