Anything is Possible…in your own Way!

On Monday 23rd April, 2012 – my friend Tania and I met up in Brisbane CBD….we were women on a mission….we were going to find a Boy in Blue (Qld Police officer), and get a photo with him.  We had no idea how we were going to do this, all we knew is that, by the end of the day, we would both have this ticked off of our Lists!  Our thoughts were, maybe just to grab a photo in the street, we would have been happy with that! 🙂

After meeting in Roma St Transit Centre in the city, we went and had a brilliant catchup (we hadnt seen each other for 4 years so it was awesome, we could not stop talking, and laughing….things hadnt changed between us in the ‘mischief’ stakes, since the last time we spent time together!)

A couple of wines, and a belly full of the most delicious lunch (I can TOTALLY recommend MJ’s Bar, which is connected to the Holiday Inn Brisbane – the service and the food, is excellent!) we decided to hatch out our plan.  Little did we know just what was about to unfold….

MJs Bar…where our plan was hatched..

We wandered out onto the street…I glanced over, and saw a Police sign….immediately I thought….OPPORTUNITY!! Right in front of us! *thats how this ‘list’ thing works – once youve focussed on it…’put it out there…opportunities just seem to come out of seemingly nowhere*.  After I spotted the Police sign…I slowly looked up….and around…and it dawned on me….what was this sign attached to?…none other than QLD Police HEADQUARTERS!! Haha….AWESOME!!

We didnt settle for just any ‘ol Police Station…oh nooo, not us…we went STRAIGHT to the TOP – Qld Police HQ!

After glancing over at Tania and saying “Do you REALISE what that Building is???  Its POLICE HQ!! haha!!”…we both just broke out in fits of laughter –  one look at each other, with the looks on our faces reading total mischief lol….and we said “Lets DO IT!”….

We headed over the road, both laughing SO much, people around us may have thought we were mad!  Up the ramp of this MASSIVE building, absolutely no hesitation, looking at each other and saying “We’re really going to do this, arent we?”….we  casually just rocked into the building, with all its secure counters and doors etc…looking at each other trying not to laugh out loud.  Tania marched straight up to the counter, and spoke to the security officer “My friend and I have on our Bucket Lists, to get a photo with a boy in blue, a police officer – can we please do it here?”.  The officer at first looked at Tania, then over at myself, with a stern frown on his face as if to say “Hello, what do we have here?”…but by the time Tania had finished asking the question, he broke out into at first a small smirk, that turned into a wide grin, then a chuckle – it was awesome to see it resonate in him, that we just wanted to have a bit of fun. 

He agreed to make it happen…(Tania and I looking at each other, still trying not to laugh)…and went out the back to grab an officer.  The officer came out, with a smile on his face, he had obviously been ‘briefed of the situation’ lol…and this is the result…

Such a good sport, to go along with our plan!…awesome! 🙂

After thanking the officer and the security guy (who was the photographer for the shot), we wandered out of Police HQ – and just looked at each other (before bursting out laughing!) in amazement and disbelief at how easily we had just made that happen – especially in a huge operation such as Police HQ! Haha…all it took was ‘putting it out there’, and we had it happen for us, just like that!  A High-five, and LOTS of laughter followed, as we wandered back down the street…again, people around us probably thinking we were mad, as we just could not stop laughing! 

#128  Photo with a Boy in Blue – TICK!

Anything is Possible – especially with the Two Tania’s involved!

#128 – Photo with a Boy in Blue (video)

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