Anything is Possible…in your own Way!

Why has this journey been ‘life-changing’? Well, lets just say, the hole that had always been in my heart & my spirit, for as long as I can remember, the emptiness about not being able to join in (because of my disability) with my family who were involved in motor racing when I was growing up – this hole is no longer there, inside myself.

The very moment that Steve and I arrived back into the Pit area at Qld Raceway, that hole had magically disappeared. It was true fulfilment’ – because I now feel truly fulfilled, in that area of my life – and the flow-on it has had to my mindset, is incredible – not to mention achieving the other two ‘Things’ on my List which were included in my trip to Qld Raceway – the solo train journeys and the stay in the city hotel by myself, were very empowering, personally.

The ‘searching for myself’ that I had done for years, and more specifically the last couple of years when I really had ‘lost myself’ has now simply disappeared..and this is because of this new way of thinking for me, that ANYTHING is possible. I mean, who would have thought that I would get the opportunity one day to race in a V8 Supercar, to get that chance to fill that void that had been in my life??? All it took was, ‘putting it out there’ from laying dormant inside my mind to, actually taking action towards bringing it to reality..and it magically BECAME my reality, once I focussed on it!

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