Anything is Possible…in your own Way!

2012 – Welcome!

Well here it is, Jan 1, 2012, and Ive already started the ball rolling on ticking off my List, with kicking off…

68. Take a photograph a day, for a year….which is also ‘baby-stepping’ me towards…

21. Advance my photography skills, creating a website for my shots

Brand new baby shoot growing from the middle of my Chain of Hearts plant


I wont share every photo here (it will chew up too much space), but I will be sharing a photo compilation from time to time, as the year progresses – Im really looking forward to focussing on this List item, and ticking it off at the end of the year – photography is one of my passions! ♥

Update…Jan 3, 2012 – 3 days in, and Im already feeling inspired by this item on my List…my creativity has been ‘woken up’ inside me, and my passion for my photography has deepened already. Its so much fun, creating a different shot every day…!

Update…Jan 5, 2012 – I am now realising the power of ‘taking a photograph every day’, I am finding that Im not just taking ‘a’ photograph, I am taking a PURPOSEFUL photograph, one which has meaning in my life…and the Gratitude it is bringing into every single day, is amazing. I already had a ‘handle’ on Gratitude, I am forever grateful for every single day, experience, and person in my life..but this has bought it into a much deeper level, even after just a few days..

I have already made a start on other list items as well, contacts have been made, emails sent off/about to be sent off, phonecalls to be made…2012: Chasing my Dreams…BRING IT ON!!!!

21. Advance my photography skills, creating a website for my shots

Along with taking my Photo a Day, Im also exploring joining a local photography club, and entering a regular competition through the Facebook page of a local Photography school.

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