Anything is Possible…in your own Way!

I am IN that Beast….IN that moment….Wow!!

Onboard: My Life Dream – Hotlap with Steve Johnson in his #17 Jim Beam V8 Supercar

7. Quick

Onboard the Dick Johnson V8 Supercar with Steve Johnson – Note the speed – 240km/hr!! 😀

Getting Strapped in for my Hotlap

Compilation video of photos from the day my Life Dream became my Reality

#1 – Racing a Ford V8 Supercar
Co-piloting Steve (Jnr) Johnsons #17 Jim Beam Racing Ford V8 Supercar, racing around Qld Raceway – INSANE!!
23 August, 2011 – Qld Raceway, Ipswich

I was born into motor racing, my father raced, and my sister raced, but because of my disability I was unable to join in with the family, in the sport. When you’re born into racing, it really is in your blood, in your spirit…so I always felt such a loss, with not being able to race, myself. ….Until August 23, 2011, when I raced around Qld Raceway in Steve Johnsons #17 Jim Beam V8 Supercar Beast… speeds of 240km/hr (and that was him ‘taking it a little easy’ as it was my first time LOL). Sliding corners @ 120km/hr…INSANE!! haha..

No I didnt drive the Beast, but I raced…MY way! WHAT A MOMENT…bringing my very special Life Dream to Reality!!

And thats what this Journey is about, making the ‘seemingly impossible’ – POSSIBLE!
6. Distant

this day unfolded in such an absolutely magical way..
its had the most incredible flow-on effect on my mindset, and my life.
….I got out of that Supercar, and I thought “Ive raced…OK life, what ELSE can I do??”  And the rest, as they say, is history! 🙂

Racing in this BEAUTIFUL V8 Supercar beast was the key I was looking for, to unlock the ME I had lost, for SO long…

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