Anything is Possible…in your own Way!

29. Interacting with marine life in their natural environment, (the ocean), from a kayak or similar vessel

As someone who has a love of the ocean, its creatures, and nature itself – when I thought of this Dream, I immediately smiled and visualised this coming true for me. It would be an absolutely AMAZING feeling to be sitting out on the ocean, and to be in close view of a marine creature, whatever this may be ♥

Little did I know that (and yes, its happened again – when you ‘put it out there’ it is amazing the doors that open for you, the opportunities that unfold, and the people who cross your path) a chance ‘crossing path’ with a local Sunshine Coaster last year, would one day lead to this Dream unfolding for me. Ive now realised that its going to take a lot longer than I first thought, its not just a matter of ‘getting into a kayak and going out to where the marine creatures are, hopeful for an interaction’ – with my mobility/health issues, its going to take alittle bit of time, baby steps, to get me there, but its starting to unfold – Bring it on!! And not to mention, theres no guarantee that when you head out on the kayak, that the marine life will even be there where you are….but, thats the exciting part, knowing that, the one time that you DO go out, may be the one time that it DOES happen…WOW!

So…a meeting has been lined up, to discuss bringing this into my reality – the first step has been taken – YAYZ!! This person has a lot of experience with kayaking, and has told me of close interactions he himself has had with marine life – amazing to visualise, when he tells me how they came about…! It seems that I have strolled across the ideal person, who will step me towards this Dream!! Thank you..this means the world to me (you know who you are)

Put it out there..and Magic Happens!!

Stay tuned…

Update: 4th February 2012 – After meeting up with this man who has kindly offered to baby-step me towards this particular amazing Dream, sitting in the kayak on land, and talking about my mobility and other issues…I now have a ‘trial run’ in the boat lined up for TOMORROW!! Wow..7.30am, I will be meeting up with him, and getting out onto the water, in the kayak – AWESOME…cannot WAIT!! I hope I can sleep tonight, as its going to be an early start in the morning….lol….

Update:5th February, 2012 – Well, I DID IT!! I took my first step towards bringing this Dream to reality – I sat in the kayak (in a double kayak, with Tony in the seat behind me) and went for an amazing, but very serene paddle around the waters at Kawana – in the very quiet marina/boat ramp area – Tony Jennings (Sunshine Coast Kayaking), ‘teased’ me by taking me near the edge to where the channel meets the open ocean….I could SEE it, I could almost touch it, we were SO close..I WANTED to go out there..and Tony knew it…haha. One day!! I KNOW Im going to be able to do this now. Surprisingly, my balance wasn’t much of a problem at all, like I thought it was going to be. Being out on that water, which is part of my Spirit, I felt so at ‘home’ out there, it was awesome….

My first time in a kayak…AMAZING feeling!

Thank you SO much to Tony Jennings from Sunshine Coast Kayaking for taking this first step with me, towards making this Dream come true!


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