Anything is Possible…in your own Way!

My Chasing my Dreams Journey initially started just with the first 3 Dreams…but once I raced around Qld Raceway in the #17 Beast, my mindset changed in the most incredible way, in those 3-and-a-bit minutes of insane speed and fun!

I have since decided to add more things to my ‘List’ – these are things that, I now think, you know what…maybe I CAN do these things, after all. Who knows, they may just end up happening! If I strive for them, and they just end up being ‘out of reach’ physically….hey, at least I know that I’ve given them a RED HOT GO!! Having lived my whole life with mobility issues, and the last 18 yrs getting through life in a wheelchair (which I love by the way….my wheelchair is a LOT faster than struggling along on crutches, like I used to do – my wheelchair allows me to keep up with myself lol) – these 3 things ARE going to be hard work…but ‘nothing worth doing is ever easy’, right?

1. Slowdancing, standing up, arm in arm with my dance partner

2. Walking down the beach, hand in hand with ‘a guy/my guy’ (or even a guy friend, if just to experience the ‘moment’ of walking along the beach with someone), just like I see couples do all the time. Being a ‘beach girl’ at heart…this would mean something special to me

3. Climb a mountain – LOL..Im not thinking, Mt Kilimanjaro or anything of that nature..something out in nature, that I can work on getting to the top of..?!?!?! (no idea where…any ideas??)

Late 2011, I very carefully and slowly, stood up on my crutches for the first time in 18 years….that day was Step One, in my endeavour to get myself towards ticking these 3 massive Goals off. Its going to be one hell of a lot of hard work, but I now have the confidence to at least be able to strive towards them!!

Update…Jan 22, 2012 – there has been an EXCITING development in baby-stepping my way towards these 3 Goals…OMG….wont reveal all just yet, have to wait till its ‘set in stone’…..

Hmmm….my mind is ticking over…maybe I can use my #3. Climb a Mountain (or something out in nature), as some sort of fundraising, for charity. Knowing of so many people out there who are undertaking epic adventures for charity…maybe I can do similar?? UPDATE!!….There is now a Fundraising Event planned for mid/late 2012, to combine my 3 Fitness Goals listed above, and raising funds for charity – stay tuned!

Jan 28 – 2012 – Ive now decided on my ‘Mountain to Climb’….!! 

This may look ‘easy’ to others, especially those who are ablebodied and able to walk without difficulty..but to me – this is a ‘Mountain’ – and the view from the top of this, is going to be such SWEET victory, when I get there, under my own steam, walking….not in my chair!!

Coolum Boardwalk – my ‘Mountain to Climb’

I have decided, as this is going to be a longterm journey, and one which is going to be physically and emotionally challenging, that I would start a seperate Blog, to share my journey and my progress towards these three Fitness Goals…please feel free to go over to this page and read my progress so far….
Stepping Towards my Dreams

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