Anything is Possible…in your own Way!

In April 2012, I decided to branch out on my own, as opposed to being under the ‘umbrella’ of another bucketlist-er site – this day was an incredible day for me.  Stepping out ‘on my own’, as creator of Chasing my Dreams, and continuing this amazing journey as my own entity, not attached to anyone elses site.  This was the day that I truely felt the scope of where this ‘thing’ could lead, for myself, and for those who I happen to inspire along the way.  Amazing feeling.

This is also why, on this site, there is ’19 posts’ listed under April 2012, as this was the birth of my new site – this one right here..and transferring all my blogs, photos…my entire documented journey thus far, along this amazing lifestyle Im now living.  Just thought Id mention this, in case someone looked at ’19 posts’ under April 2012 and thought ‘What the..not 19 ticks in April, surely!’..haha 😉

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