Anything is Possible…in your own Way!

I apologise for the lack of updates since the beginning of 2017 – knowing that my Mt Coolum Climb IS, and WILL be happening this year (my 3rd, yearly attempt) I’ve been very tunnel-focussed and doing the very best I can to prepare for it, along with dealing with everything else in my life behind the scenes.   Its all getting very exciting!

(I may not be posting any/many new site Blogs between now and July 8th, the date of my Climb – so jump on over to my Twitter @ChasingDream17 for more frequent (quicker) updates! My time and focus is very streamlined, now…heading towards the home stretch towards the big day….and the HUGE Climb!)

My bucketlist in general is taking a back seat until after my Climb is done….but I did manage to sneak in a cute, surprise little tick off the list recently when out on Whale One, off the coast of Maroochydore/Mooloolaba…
“229. See a turtle in the ocean/its natural habitat” – I’ll be writing a blog about this cute little visit from “Tommy the Turtle”, after my Climb – my tunnel focus has me not wanting to concentrate on anything else but getting up the top of that beautiful Mountain, right now!


He popped his head up just after the photo – Tommy’s there…even if he’s hard to see! haha

Aside from preparing hard for my Climb, and spotting Tommy the Turtle…I’ve been back to Sunshine Coast Riding for the Disabled for more sessions on their beautiful horses, slowly getting over my fear of being back up on a horse, since being bucked off twice, a number of decades ago!  My confidence is slowly growing, and Im actually enjoying it now…which makes a change from when I first got back up, I was very scared! THAT right there is exactly why I did it though…to work through that fear I had held onto for so long!

As always, I am still striving to raise as many funds and awareness as I can, for SBH Qld (Spina Bifida Hydrocephalus Qld).  Sunshine Plaza Maroochydore are continuing to be a very much appreciated source, to be able to be placed at their Community Site a couple times a month – this has proven to be very successful, in getting the word out about SBH Qld, and also to raise these muchneeded funds.  SBH Qld relies on community support to continue its programs to support over 700 families in the State of Qld.

The current total raised is so, so close to $9,000…I am so proud to have raised these funds, with the community support shown towards myself, and SBH Qld! I am hoping to reach the magic milestone of $10,000 by the time my Climb is over – who knows, I may be able to achieve this on the day as well!  If you would like to donate to this very worthy cause and help me reach the magic milestone of $10,000 raised, please feel free to click on the Donate button, on the right hand side of this page!


My Climb/walking training went up a whole new level today, completely unexpectedly!
At Suncoast Fitness this morning, preparing to start my walking training – longstanding Suncoast member & now staff, Graeme strolls up “You need to get some weights on, for that walking!”
Next minute…out comes the chains/weight belt haha…it was awesome – and I definitely noticed a difference on just how much harder I had to work, with the extra weight on me!

OK…next stop…Mt Coolum, here I come! BRING. IT. ON!!!


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