Anything is Possible…in your own Way!

Most of us have busy lives, stressors, and times where we just cant see our way out of the ‘hot mess’ and way our day/week is going to pan out, which often stresses us before the day/week even begins.  This is why it is SO important to make sure you mix some ‘Want to’s (things you WANT to do), in with your ‘Have to’s (responsibilities and schedules) when you can.

A recent Monday was a perfect example of this, of how on a day where I woke feeling a bit daunted and overwhelmed of the day/week ahead (various appointments and certain stressors were what I was facing, and all I could see my week containing)…but by taking advantage of little pockets of time I had on the Monday between appointments, and taking a few minutes to do a few things I WANTED to do – I’ve now arrived at Tuesday (with a week still with some stressors ahead of me) feeling so much more relaxed – I can see my way through the rest of the week now! 🙂

Between appointments on Monday, when I had a little time to play with while waiting for the next appointment, I thought of how I could fill in my time.  This is how it panned out:

Ticked “147. Eat Chicken Feet’ off the bucketlist (I needed to eat at that time, anyway!)

Called into Pacific Ford Sunshine Coast to check out there awesome remote control Ford Ranger Wildtracks (which was a way to get me pumped about when I get to experience ‘#234 GO 4WDing, across rivers, up hills etc’ one day)

Heading down to the beachfront at Alexandra Headlands for a few minutes, to view the beautiful P&O ship, Pacific Jewel which was parked in off Mooloolaba for the day – which got me to thinking of the day that I will be lucky enough to experience a Cruise for the first time


Taking little pockets of time (just a few minutes if thats all you have – or any amount of time that you can), in amongst your busy day/week really is beneficial to your health, and stress levels…it really does change your day!


In todays fastpaced world where society is all ‘go, go, GO!’ to get external things done in our lives…don’t forget about YOU, too…you deserve your attention, too!

***UPDATE Friday July 1: The rest of my week ended up being ‘one of those weeks’ where I was all over the Coast going to various appointments etc – but, with using these ‘pockets of time’ on Monday, I’ve reached the end of the week feeling much less stressed!

ANYTHING is Possible…..when you remember that YOU are worth taking time out for, too!

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