Anything is Possible…in your own Way!

On a dreary winters Monday morning…I was facing a day which was chock full of appointments – but, then I found myself with a pocket of time inbetween.  As I was driving away from where I was parked, I suddenly had a thought, and started giggling “Hmmm I’m feeling a bit peckish, I have a little time to kill before my next appointment down this way…I know, I’m going to go tick ‘Chicken Feet’ off the bucketlist!” Then, for some reason even though it wasn’t an ‘adrenaline-filled’ Dream off the list or anything, the stress I was feeling on the inside suddenly lifted, I felt myself smiling on the inside – something which always happens to me when I am about to do something I’ve never done before, when I’m about to tick a Dream off the list.  I’ve never felt this about something so minor as trying a new food though – I guess this is another sign of what this awesome ‘bucketlist lifestyle’ does for me…it really does make my heart smile, and makes me laugh, which is always a good thing!

Heading to Sunshine Plaza Maroochydore, where Yum Cha Cuisine Sunshine Plaza is located, I was still giggling…theres something about what cooked chicken feet looks like, which cracks me up…they look like little hands, ready to grab you in the belly haha


Yummy yummy get in my tummy!

I had never experienced Yum Cha before, so that’s another first, too!  I sat down at the table while the friendly waitress explained how it worked, and how yummy the chicken feet were..then literally in the next few seconds, the steaming dish of chicken feet appeared in front of me…they smelt DIVINE!


Challenge Accepted!

OK…Challenge Accepted! Another ‘left of centre’ food I absolutely love is lambs kidneys (yeah I know, some will say ‘yukkk!’ but I adore them!) but I honestly didn’t know how these will go down…will I vomit, in the middle of this restaurant?? (I have unfortunately had that experience at a restaurant in my past…but that is a whole other story..oops!)

I started to chomp into these little morsels of chicken goodness…and OMG…they were so, SOO GOOD!! Full of flavour, not a lot of meat on them, I guess they are a little like eating chicken wings, but much, much tastier…yum! (I wouldn’t recommend them for children though, as they have little bones through them which wouldn’t be safe for little mouths).  The chef at Yum Cha Cuisine Sunshine Plaza cooked them to perfection!


All gone!

I don’t know why I had been hesitant to try these before now…but, I guess its like a lot of things you ‘want to do’ – when you do finally choose to try/do that thing, you find out that it really isn’t so bad (or scary, or whatever the ‘block’ is which stopped you) after all – in fact, its quite the opposite and you wish you had done it earlier!  When I left Yum Cha Cuisine Sunshine Plaza and back into my busy day, I not only had a happy belly, but a smile on the inside as I had once again done something I had ‘always wanted to do’. What a great way to improve my day!

Thank you Yum Cha Cuisine Sunshine Plaza, your staff, the cleanliness & crisp/sharp layout of your restaurant, not to mention your amazing chef (I also had the Prawn Dumpings…yummmm!) are all a credit to your business! I will be back..I have to come try other Yum Cha options now…they all looked so good, on the trolley!


Yum Cha Cuisine Sunshine Plaza, RiverWalk

Anything is Possible…when you take time out of your busy day to try something new…Without ‘Chicken’ing out!

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