Anything is Possible…in your own Way!

With our goals and dreams – many (if not all!) of them simply would not happen if we didn’t take that first step towards achieving them.  Sometimes that first step is easy (it might be as easy as making a phonecall,researching on the internet, or making a booking for ‘whatever it is’ that you want to achieve)…and sometimes that first step is one of the hardest things you have ever done in your life.  Sometimes, it takes that many steps towards that dream, that sometimes it feels that the dream or goal will never be fulfilled.  But..keep stepping towards that goal, and the dream WILL come true! 🙂   It doesn’t matter if you are only able to do teeny-tiny steps at times (I’m not saying do teeny-tiny steps all the time…oooh no 😉 …sometimes you have to push yourself to take huge, scary steps – but you know what, your goals are worth pushing through those scary steps, too!)…just keep moving forward towards that goal, when you can.  Even if just in your mind at times if you’re unable to physically make it happen – if you keep your, as the saying goes ‘keep your eye on the prize’…that goal will one day be fulfilled if you keep your focus and ‘want’ on it.   If you don’t put your focus on it, if you don’t take steps towards it….guess what? its highly likely that you wont achieve that goal! Simple, huh? 🙂

For most of this year, I have had to pull right back from exercise and physically striving towards my goals and dreams on my List – its been one of the hardest journeys Ive been on to pull back, knowing that I was losing fitness, putting on weight, and also losing a fair amount of mobility – especially because I achieved such huge Fitness Goals last year (Climbing ‘my Mountain’, Walking down the beach for the very first time…and my very special first Slowdance, all fulfilled at my (the now former) SBH Qld Fundraiser Event in 2012), and this year I have had to pull back to not doing my training which I so love to do.  Having to go from putting such hard training over so many months (and just quietly, even though some of it was torture haha….I enjoyed every second of it), and achieving so many goals (31) off my List in 2012, to doing basically no exercise/not moving around a lot – it hasn’t been easy.  But, the wait has been worth it…because as of this week, with the major part of the ‘life stuff’ Ive been dealing with all year behind me, I now feel that I am ready to get BACK into it! Yeeeeew! 😀  Keeping my eye on the prize, and keeping my mind focussed on the fact that just because I haven’t been able to strive for the goals ‘right now’ (during this year)…that does NOT mean that I can never strive for them – it just means that now, I am even more ‘hungry’ to achieve my fitness and other goals! 😀

Yesterday, for the first time in many months, I got the want, and the ability to know that I am ready to slowly get back into it all 😀 I got up out of my wheelchair, and back on my mini-tramp (which I have at home, along with my boxing bag) and ‘jogged’ (my way – stepping up and down with both legs, while hanging onto something for my balance) for 5 minutes straight.  My goal was to do it for 15 minutes…but after 5 minutes I had a raised heartbeat (which is a no-no for my heart condition), and was shaking…that frustrated me, I knew I was unfit and lost a lot of my mobility…but I didn’t think I could do so little on the mini-tramp.  BUT, on the positive side…at least I did 5 minutes – and I will aim to do 5 minutes at least once, if not twice (or more!) every day, till my aim of returning to the gym next week! Through the energy strain I felt, it felt FANTASTIC to be up on my feet, back exercising again – cant wait to push myself even more, to gain my fitness and mobility back – and to smash my fitness goals with the energy and force I know Im capable of! 🙂

Taking that first step towards your goals is an amazing feeling!

Taking that first step towards your goals is an amazing feeling!

I have Fitness Goals to achieve!  Two of which are:

* Go-karting – initially, I had aimed in finding a double kart somewhere and being a passenger while someone drove me around a track – but oh no, that’s not ‘enough’ for me now haha…my Goal now is to get my legs strong enough so I can push the pedal down myself, in the drivers seat (on a childrens kart – as the pedal is easier to press down, in a kids kart).  I have spoken to a local indoor kart track, and they are willing to let me have a go on their kids kart when I am ready to have some fun and give it a go! Cant wait!

* I also aim to do Boot Camp at my gym, when I am fit enough to be challenged with force haha…  Mark, the owner of my fantastic, and supportive gym (Suncoast Fitness in Maroochydore on the Sunshine Coast) is keen to get me to a Boot Camp class – it was one of the Goals which I thought I would be ready to smash at the start of this year – that obviously didn’t work out…but when I DO achieve it, its going to be an amazing challenge..and SO much fun! 😀

Now that Ive taken that first step…my Goals are just that little bit closer!  The next time (later today) that I step on that mini-tramp, the Goals will be even closer still.  With every step…the Goals are getting closer to being achieved ‘some day’ (not ‘one day’…because as we all know, sometimes just thinking ‘I want to do that one day!’, that one day never comes, if we don’t focus on making it happen).

What steps are you taking towards your Goals and Dreams?  Take that step you’ve been thinking about…I Dare you! 😉

Anything is Possible, when you take that first step! 🙂

UPDATE! 🙂 28 Aug, 2013 – I re-instated my membership with Suncoast Fitness (Wises Rd, Maroochydore) today, a gym I have been a member of for 5 years now! It felt FANTASTIC to be back in the environment which I love so much, a place where I push my body to (and sometimes over haha 😉 ) its limits, and feel an amazing sense of achievement because of it.  I pushed myself through an  (almost) hour long workout…it was amazing to be pushing my body again! Fitness Goals, here I come! 😀

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