Anything is Possible…in your own Way!

There are countless ways to donate to people in need around the world – by donating directly to charity, by donating your time to a charity which enables them to assist communities/people in need…and there are also some novel ways whereby, in even a small way, you are able to contribute to a community which needs it.  I thought I would mention two of these ways:

1. Kiva – “We are a non-profit organization with a mission to connect people through lending to alleviate poverty. Leveraging the internet and a worldwide network of microfinance institutions, Kiva lets individuals lend as little as $25 to help create opportunity around the world.”
The beauty of ‘microfinancing’ is that the money you lend, is paid back to you – so you can then use that initial outlay of money, to re-lend to another person in need – without having to spend any more money if you dont wish to do so.  Also, the beauty of Kiva is that you actually get to see/read the stories of all the different people in need (including photos, which makes it even more personal)..and choose exactly who (or what area of need) your funds get directed to.
The first woman I have donated to, is a woman living in Costa Rica – she needed assistance to finish studying nursing, so she can offer her services to her local community, in a clinic, or medical facility.  The funds I decided to donate, were added to the pool of funds needed, to enable her to achieve her goal….when I donated, my funds were the last allotment of donations needed, to enable her finance to be ‘fully funded’ (which I wasnt aware of, until my funds went through) – awesome! 🙂
**UPDATE on Kiva! 🙂 My first Loan, to the woman in Costa Rica whose story I shared above, has now been fully repaid back to me – so I went ahead and re-donated those funds (my original $25 outlay), to another woman in Sierra Leone, to help her in her textiles business, so she can continue to contribute to the family household income.  Its a great feeling to donate again, to another woman who needs a helping hand in this world….and this time, I didn’t have to use any of my own funds, as my initial (first) Kiva loan was repaid to me, which is brilliant!
**March 2014 UPDATE! – I just re-lended my original $25 to enable a woman from Samoa, to continue her farming business! This is my 3rd loan made through Kiva, from my original $25 that was re-paid back to me, after each loan was fully funded! Kiva rocks! 🙂
**Further 2015 UPDATE!
I have now – using my initial outlay of $25 which had been paid back after every loan made, then re-lending back out to people and families in need – loaned to 4 different women and their families.  It really is an amazing feeling to be able to give to others in need around this beautiful world of ours!

Kiva comes to those in need around the world...

Kiva comes to those in need around the world…

2. Who Gives a Crap – is a brand of toilet paper which uses 50% of its profits to build toilets and improve sanitation in the developing world, (through the organisation, WaterAid *this link takes you to the Australian site…but you can click to the site of your country, if outside of Australia*). “We’re taking a product that everyone needs and using it to help people in need”.  A novel name for the brand….a novel way of donating towards a community which needs it! By buying this toilet paper, I know that in a small way, I am helping contribute to the health and wellbeing of someone who needs it.  Its 3-ply too…a little bit of ‘luxury’ in return! haha 😀 WGAC2 Do you know of any novel ways of raising funds for communities around the world? – please share, in the Comments section below! 🙂
Anything is Possible….even if you wish to help someone on the other side of the world!

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