Anything is Possible…in your own Way!

4. Be in the Studio Audience of a TV show

13. Be an extra on a TV show/movie

18. Hop on a plane, fly somewhere..stay overnight..then turn around and fly back

I am about to head off on an adventure of a LIFETIME – off to tick off three things/dreams on my list that I have been wanting to do for sooo long now! In two days time (Tuesday 21/2/2012) I will be heading to Brisbane airport, boarding a plane headed for Melbourne – met at the airport by a chaffeur, who will apparently have my name on a board, when waiting for me (isn’t that something that only happens to people in the movies, or famous people? haha). I will then be driven to the Neighbours set, where I will be ticking off #13 Be an extra on a TV show/movie. After spending the night at the Como Hotel (WOW!), I will then (on Wednesday 22/2/2012) be ticking off #4. Be in the Studio Audience of a TV show, on The Circle, Channel 10′s morning program – awesome! Being into photography, Ive always been fascinated with ‘behind the scenes’, the cameras, the crew, what goes on behind what we see coming out of our TV screens, as the public – the creative and visual aspect of putting a tv show/movie etc together fascinates me, so even if I get a glimpse of this, its going to be amazing!

After The Circle show is finished, I will be then driven back to the airport, getting on a plane headed back to the Sunshine Coast, where I will be, yep you guessed it, ticking off ANOTHER item: #18. Hop on a plane, fly somewhere..stay overnight..then turn around and fly back. When thinking of this item, I put it on the list purely as I LOVE to fly, and just wanted the experience of flying somewhere, then almost immediately, flying back again. Little did I know what would be happening inbetween the two flights, when it DID come into my reality!!

In excitement levels this is level-pegged for when my V8 Life Dream came true for me…lol (except the V8 Life Dream experience went deeper, with the very sentimental meaning it had for me – it was truely a lifechanging event, its what started off the magic of this whole journey of self belief and ‘ANYTHING is possible’, way of thinking for me)….

Never in a million years did I think that I would be having this much fun with my life, and the new opportunities that would open for me, once I became open to THEM. The very minute I was approached with this opportunity, I did not hesitate (the ’old me’ would have hesitated and maybe even come up with ‘obstacles’ that could fall in my way of this ‘running smoothly’ for me)….but the new me didnt even pause before saying an emphatic “YES!!”. This adventure Im about to fly off to is testament to the fact that, once you start saying YES to opportunities that come your way, instead of ‘No’, or making up excuses, or hesitating because of fear or similar emotion….once you start saying YES…even MORE amazing opportunities start to show up!

WOWZERS!! Bring it ON!!

Anything really IS Possible!!

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