Anything is Possible…in your own Way!

OK, I firstly have to apologise for the length of this…there are so many ‘moments’ which happened in the two days – not to mention not one, but FOUR ‘ticks’, and the ‘hug’! I am going to try to condense this down, so its not a novel lol (I will post it in ‘parts’ – different posts for each ‘tick’)… here goes…

The background….

I believe it to be so true, about everything ‘weaving together’ and linking up, to create wonderful opportunities, if you have shown that you are ‘ready for it’ – if you take the first opportunity without hesitation, another one presents itself, another person, etc etc. Ive experienced it, and many people have said they have also…how things and people just seem to line up perfectly, to present these opportunities right in front of you, one after the other – its as if, when people around you, or in fact the universe, sees the self-belief/empowerment/passion in you start to roll with increased momentum, awesome opportunities do start to appear, as if by magic. Its amazing how it works…

What happened in the two days I recall in the following posts…all started from a simple email, to ‘The Circle’, after a segment on Bucket Lists appeared on the show. Immediately during the segment, I thought ‘Opportunity!’…and these amazing two days is the result. All I did was let them know whatmy own Bucket List had done for my life, showed them my List, and highlighted one ‘Dream’ in particular…they saw ‘something’ in my story…and this is the result..

After finding out the mindblowing news about me being flown down to Melbourne, have a chauffeured car pick me up to drive me out to appear on Neighbours, stay at the Como Hotel (mmm….very nice!) and to sit in the audience of The Circle…I then sat back and thought ‘what has just happened with my LIFE???’…this was surreal..

Fast forward, after a number of days of heightened feelings of excitement and anticipation running through me, to the morning of leaving for my adventure….still not knowing what else was in store for me….

(Part 1 of)..#18. Hop on a plane, fly somewhere..stay overnight..then turn around and fly back – 21st February 2012

After waking up SUPER early, just like a kid on Christmas morning (but much higher in excitement!), we set off for the airport. After a very stressful trip down, with massively delayed/stop-start traffic because of an accident many km’s in front of us, and stressing big-time that I was going to miss my flight because of this we FINALLY arrived at the airport, with literally minutes to spare, before check-in would have closed and I would have missed my flight! OMG…

Getting settled in on the plane, a member of the flight crew said ‘OK we will get you settled, then you can sit back with a glass of champers’…I thought ‘now this is kind of special…’ I sat back, relaxed, with the biggest grin on my face, people around me must have thought I was mad…or drunk….or perhaps even both..haha. As soon as the plane engines fired up, it was such an awesome feeling, knowing that I was about to set off on my special adventure, and that this flight down, was the first part of one of my ‘ticks’ (the flight itself). We coasted along the runway…then..there they were…the massive *thrust* of the jets engines as we were about to go full tilt along the runway then take off into the skies – LOVE it!! This is part of why I love to fly, these massive flying beasts are awesome!

About half an hour into the flight, the refreshments came around – I asked for a cuppa, sat back and was just starting to drink it when a member of the flight crew came down and just handed over a piccolo of champagne, and a glass. Complimentary. Wow…”now ya talkin’! “, I thought…haha (tough choice – cuppa or champagne??…hmmm)…I looked around me, and noticed that I was the only one being offered this. I was starting to feel ‘important’ and a little spoilt…not to mention that it was around 930am in the morning and I was about to dive into some alcohol (oh well, it had to be 5pm somewhere in those skies above the earth, right??)…and I wasn’t piloting the plane, anyway, so I was safe to drink….lol…

Laying back, watching the clouds out the window which were just like a big fluffy white blanket below us, drinking the champagne….yep, I was literally on Cloud 9 at this point…sooo relaxing!

Two hours after my adventure began, the jet landed in Melbourne. My excitement levels just went up another notch…AMAZING feeling!! As I was being assisted off, a member of the flight crew spotted my ‘100Things’ book that I had taken on the flight….Ive already read it, of course…but it’s a book that I just cannot get enough of flicking through, gaining more inspirations, smiles, and laughs from it – and besides, the book was the very essence and reason that I was on this trip! I sat there talking with members of the flight crew about 100Things, and about the special reason that I was down in Melbourne, what was about to unfold for me…they were fascinated, which felt awesome – I am always proud to share my 100Things journey, I feel the concept of it is such a valuable story that more people need to hear, in this world, to gain influence for their own lives, if they will, from it. It felt awesome to have the flight crew, who had just flown me to my adventure, sitting around me, engaged in the story that I was sharing with them, about this journey that has changed my life.

I was taken off the plane, then I headed towards the luggage carousel where I was to meet my driver – I couldn’t find anyone with a card with my name on it..’oooh no don’t tell me they didn’t wait around for me!’ (visions of us being stuck in that traffic that morning, flashed back ‘not another thing gone wrong!’) – but after a few minutes, I looked over and spotted a suited-up woman coming towards me, and yep there it was..the card with my name on it…haha…”how bizarre”! (isn’t this something that only happens to famous people, or in the movies?)

The next minute…we were on our way to the Neighbours set!! It was very surreal at this point….I was probably talking my drivers’ ear off at this point, I was beginning to get very blown away with what was happening to me…this was happening to ME???….but she was fascinated too, she loved also hearing about the 100Things journey, and what had brought me to this point of this adventure happening to me

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