Anything is Possible…in your own Way!

Before I knew it, the show threw to a commercial break, and I was being ushered onto the Couch, and it was moments before the cameras were set to roll again –  I suddenly felt a strong sense of calm come over me…I think it was because I thought, ‘well you can either enjoy this, be in the moment with it…or freak out and waste the opportunity by being nervous’!

But mostly, I think it was because – I was exactly where I knew I wanted to be in my life. I was fulfilled…I was HAPPY.

When meeting the girls, and guest hosts, it was such a brilliant feeling – they all were so nice…‘this was going to be fun!’  As my story was starting to be shared, I actually started to enjoy myself more and more (as long as I kept my eyes off of the tv screen in front of us, and the cameras, that is!..haha) – I have grown to really enjoy sharing my ‘story’…it (embracing your life, and living by your passions) is such a simple concept in itself, which has the potential to be absolutely lifechanging.


After talking about how my V8 Life Dream came about, in such a simple way, and how it had changed my life and myself as a person, and how this had encouraged me to passionately attack my List with everything Ive got (talking about this day relaxed me even more, because of how much of a magic day it was!…I even forgot that this was being shared with viewers around the country, I was that relaxed about it…haha) – it was now time for another ‘achievement’ which showed the ‘power of the list’, what the List had brought me – self belief.

This was my moment, to show whoever was watching, what my Chasing my Dreams bucket list meant to me. This (as was everything else), was live, it was not rehearsed..but I did not even worry about this…I somehow knew that I would be OK, that I would not fall…I would be safe – it was only later that I thought…OMG I am SO glad I didnt fall, and we didnt end up faceplanting the couch!! haha. After Seb Terry stood up, taking my hand and easing me up to a standing position…in the next moment I was standing up, giving this person a free-standing hug, with no crutches, no ‘furniture-holding’ just two people hugging…what a moment…I even shed a tear, it felt so incredible to be standing there, with no crutches in sight, or in my hands, for support (When sitting in a chair, sure your hugs are real, warm hugs too…but to give/receive a freestanding hug just like other ablebodied people give, with nothing but this person physically supporting me…this was what the power of the List, had given me, the belief that I could do this).  What a brilliant feeling!

I was then taken off of the Couch, into the Green Room, to have a few minutes chat with Seb Terry.  Right there, I had another moment of ‘what has just happened to my LIFE?!?!?’…haha…it really was surreal..but real at the same time. Judith Lucy was in the Green Room, she wanted to know what the ‘story’ was about, so again (hmmm this was becoming a bit of a pattern…lol), I found myself sharing my  journey with her. That was awesome, chatting away with Judith Lucy, about it…I adore Judith, I think she’s brilliant…so to sit down and tell her a bit about my life and this journey which I am so passionate about, was great!

I was then taken back into the audience, to finish off the ‘tick’ of sitting in the audience for the rest of the show…The Circle is such a fun show to observe, and the cast/guest hosts are all just fun, decent people. Another experience I thoroughly enjoyed, and all because I had put it on my List!

Before I knew it, the show was over, and my two-day adventure (was it really only two days???…I had to remind myself that that’s all it was….wow..) was coming to a close…but…I still had one more ‘tick’ to finish off – my return flight home…I said my thank you’s to The Circle staff, who were all absolutely wonderful with me, especially Kate who had worked so closely with me through the whole experience, from the reply to that first email, right through to being there with me, when the adventure unfolded. I was then (reluctantly, I really did not want this Adventure to be over, it had been literally like a Dream…and a very emotional, adrenaline-filled, fascinating ride!) driven back to the airport, boarded on the plane, and my flight took me back home to ‘reality’…(but my reality is AWESOME, thanks to living life the Chasing my Dreams way)…with the BIGGEST smile on my face, and again, thoughts of “OK…what just happened???”…lol..

Opportunities…grab them whenever you can…you never know what it could lead to. This Adventure, as I stated earlier, started simply with an email sent off to The Circle…and ended up being one of the most special two days of my life….

Photo Compilation of my AMAZING two-day Adventure

The Circle segment – including ‘the hug’..

Life..its here to be embraced.

Opportunities..they are here to be grasped.

Dreams..they are here to be Chased….


(oh…I must share a ‘bizarre moment’ when I got home from my Adventure, back to the Sunshine Coast)…I was still in the dress that I was wearing that morning on The Circle (we went straight from the Studio, to the airport), and arrived home, absolutely exhausted that night, so decided to get some Asian takeaway for dinner. I was in the shop, waiting for my order…out the corner of my eye, I spot a bike going past on the pavement – next thing the bike (and rider) appears back at the doorway ‘Excuse me, did I see you on the TV this morning?’…haha…now THAT was bizarre!…”Yes, that was me!!”…it was lovely to hear the feedback of how my segment had affected this woman…a woman I didnt even know. And (again! haha), I found myself sharing my 100Things journey with this woman. Life is full of bizarre moments…and that was certainly one of them!

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