Anything is Possible…in your own Way!

Feeling like a little kid again, when I woke again at 230am, not being able to sleep from the excitement (even though I had had a huge day the day before and NEEDED my beauty sleep) *thank goodness for studio makeup!..haha*, I found myself not being able to get back to sleep for AGES…grrrrr…lol. I lay there, reflecting on my 100Things journey, and what had brought me to this point, of being in this Hotel, living this incredible Dream – and I admit, having the biggest, cheesiest grin on my face!

OK…back to what unfolded on this Magic day…as I got up and faced the day, I had an incredible sense of excitement, more than I thought I would feel…

After checking out of the Hotel, and strolling over to Channel Ten which is adjacent to the Como Hotel….I almost had a sense of…not, wanting to back away from the days adventures – but strolling over there ever soooo slowly and not going in there ‘just yet’, as I just didn’t want this day to go any faster than it already would. I wanted to take it all in…I didn’t want to miss a moment…and I wanted to somehow control the speed of how fast the day may go for me.

Wandering into Channel Ten studios was incredible…and again, as I felt the day before, it really was as if I wasn’t out of place, at all…I felt as if I was exactly where I was meant to be. This is the only way I can explain my lack of being a nervous wreck for the whole experience…the fact that I had put this on my List, and I was facing it, ready to ‘tick’ it off, head-on – somehow, this was why I felt that I wasn’t out of my comfort zone, because I had chosen to put myself there, by putting these ‘ticks’ on my list in the first place (if that makes sense?) Even though, like the day before, I really was ‘facing the unknown’, (with the added element of now knowing that I would be ON that couch, with the girls and guest hosts), I felt SO comfortable in this was awesome. In the past, ‘facing the unknown’ used to be something that I avoided at all costs – but now, it’s a challenge to me, a challenge which I enjoy…its exhilarating!


Straight into hair and makeup..chatting away with the stylist…and in walks Yumi, ready to be made up, herself. That was awesome..I was a little nervous at this point, the closer it got to time to head to the set, so wasn’t sure what to say, but that moment made me think ‘yep, this really IS happening!’. After hair and makeup was done (being ‘made up’ for the second day in a row…I could get used to this!), I was taken into the Green Room (after going for yet another nervous visit to the….and I was being briefed on how the morning was going to unfold. I was there to tick off ‘#4. Be in the Studio Audience of a TV show’ – but as I already now knew, I was also going to join the girls, Yumi & Gorgi, and guest hosts (Michala Banas & Lawrence Mooney) on the couch at some point. That’s all I knew. I was being briefed, it was revealed to me that Seb Terry, the founder of a bucket list concept which initially started this new ‘adventure’ in my life, was going to be on the Couch, too.  I had wanted to meet this man, purely for the fact of, he has the same ‘sense of adventure’ that I have….and a previous television interview with him, is what started off my own Chasing my Dreams bucket list journey.

Myself, along with the rest of the audience were taken into the studio where the show was being filmed – again, I couldn’t take my eyes off of the cameras, the set, the equipment around me…I was fascinated! We were settled into our seats, then the audience warm-up guy’ (who was HILARIOUS!) started making us laugh, while explaining how things worked, and our ‘role’ as audience members. And then, all of a sudden, the cameras were about to roll…here we go…this is it…theres no stopping now, before long I will be up on THAT couch!! *my excitement levels just went up a WHOLE new notch, as if they werent already high enough, from the previous days adventures!*

The show rolled through with various guests, advertorials, lots of laughter…I was feeling very relaxed…and then the next minute, there was Seb Terry, on the couch, talking about his own journey. Theres nothing I love better, than sitting down and listening to/observing someone talk about their passion for their life, seeing their eyes light up when they talk about it, and knowing what it feels like to have passion and a sense of adventure for life itself…it is awesome. Sitting there listening to his latest account of his adventures, I suddenly felt very relaxed, (and DYING to get up on that Couch myself) the nerves about me being up on the Couch, live on telly, had all but disappeared. But this was not to last long…lol….

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