Anything is Possible…in your own Way!

Re-visiting your Goals and Dreams!

Everyone who knows me, knows just how lifechanging ‘that day in August, 2011’ was – August 23 2011, the day that I raced around Qld Raceway in the Dick Johnson Racing V8 Supercar, with Steve Johnson Racing in a V8 Supercar This was the day that my life changed forever – I got out of that Supercar, and my mindset instantly went to “OK, Ive raced…What ELSE can I do??”….I now felt that I could do absolutely ANYTHING in this world…and the rest as they say, is history.  My bucketlist was born..and this whole crazy adventure was on its way! 😀

Last weekend, on 20th July 2013, I had the experience of once again, being surrounded by these people who had quite literally changed my life – I had the honour of attending their Annual ‘Team Mates’ night at the amazing Dick Johnson Racing HQ facility, south of Brisbane, Qld.  What an amazing night!  This was my second Team Mates night, and once again, I was blown away by being actually in the heart and soul of DJR, being surrounded by the beautiful cars (past and present history of the Team), meeting the current drivers, and once again being able to spend (a little, as they were all so busy on the night with everyone) time with the legendary, amazing Dick Johnson, and his beautiful family – as well as catching up with my fellow Team Mates – we are like one big family, its awesome!  Being that it was a ‘Christmas in July’ event – we were able to watch Dick Johnson playing ‘Santa’, all the kids who attended sat in front of him, as he gave out all the presents – SUCH a cute moment! haha.   I even got to have a little chat with a man named ‘Roy’ – the longest serving staff member of DJR – he has been with the business since 1977 – Wow!  A lot of history would have gone through those doors…and out on the track, in the time he has been there! Throughout the evening, I could really ‘feel’ the energy of the Team, and every so often, especially when looking at, and inside, the beautiful beasty racecars I would re-live that special day, when my #1 Life Dream came true!  No better feeling in this world…

This iconic Australian race Team, and the legendary man himself (Dick Johnson) signifies ‘NEVER give up…do absolutely everything it takes to follow your passion, and your dreams!’…and this is only one of the many reasons why I respect and admire Dick Johnson so much – apart from being one of the most genuine, kindhearted men I know, and apart from his incredible racing history over the years…he knows what it takes to keep your passion and dreams alive – he keeps focussed on that dream, keeps positive and looks ahead, no matter what comes his way.  FULL Respect. 🙂 x

“The only thing you get from looking backwards is a sore neck.”
~ Dick Johnson

2013 DJR Team Mates Night - pure bliss!

2013 DJR Team Mates Night – pure bliss!

Re-living your dreams and goals, by either remembering them in your mind, reading the blogs you may have written about the experience, talking about them with others..or re-visiting the people involved, or where the Dream took place, is an amazing experience – especially if that Dream is one which means the absolute world to ‘that day in August 2011’ was to me! 🙂

Anything is Possible…when you re-live your Dreams!

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