Anything is Possible…in your own Way!

After ticking ‘Whale Watching’ off the bucketlist a few years back with Mooloolaba based whale watching boat/business “Whale One”


…I have enjoyed the awesome fun (and amazingly friendly hospitality from staff!) through Whale One a number of times now – the latest being on their new boat ‘Wild One’!  A faster, smaller boat than the gorgeous Whale One vessel which takes us out to play with the whales every year off Mooloolaba on the Sunshine Coast. SUCH an awesome little boat!

While this wasn’t a full Jetboat adrenaline ride on the day as the humpback whales were still cruising through on their ‘whale highway’ – we still got to have some awesome fun on the boat when heading out to spot whales.  I always LOVE being out on the ocean, it’s just so relaxing…and heading out with the Whale One/Wild One crew makes it even more relaxing and fun, as they are such awesome people!

On the way back in on Wild One after being out with our beautiful whales cruising through – when we were far enough out of the way of the whales and back into the bay, Aaron opened up Wild One for a tiny but awesome burst of adrenaline, speed, power and SO MUCH FUN! ..twisting the boat from left to right and into a 360 at speed – I LOVED it – I cannot wait to get out there for their full Thrill Seeker Ride, to be able to experience Wild One at her best…and to get some more of that adrenaline which I have become SO addicted to! haha.  This day was brilliant as a ‘teaser’, for a full-on Jetboat Adrenaline ride in that I got to test it with my balance/other factors to do with my disability etc with the short burst which Aaron put the boat through for us – and there were no issues at all, so…BRING IT ON! haha

The adrenaline..the speed….the power of the 4 V8 engines on Wild One (check out the speedo – 38knots = 70km/hr….yeeewww!!


As a bonus – after going out whale-watching a number of times now – I FINALLY managed to catch a shot of a whale tail this year!! I LOVE a whale tail, when they are ‘waving’ at us, while playing around us – so gorgeous!

Among the number of other cruises Whale One offer (they also have a Dolphin Discovery Cruise during the day, a Sunset Cruise, as well as a New Years cruise – and they are about to introduce other Cruises into the mix) – is the opportunity to be aboard Whale One for the Mooloolaba Christmas Boat Parade in the leadup to Christmas.  Whale One is one of the biggest of the fleet of boats which cruise down the Mooloolaba canals in the Parade – to be on the boat in amongst other people on the water in vessels as small as a surfski, tinnies, jetboats, catamarans – even the Coastguard and local Water Police join in on the Parade, with all the boats ‘dressed up for Christmas’ – it’s such an awesome night of community & Christmas spirit. Seeing all the houses, pontoons, and people all dressed up in the Christmas spirit – as well as the community out lining the banks of the water enjoying the evening, all yelling & cheering out to each other as we coast along in the Parade – such a brilliant, fun way to bring in Christmas on the Sunshine Coast!


After the Boat Parade is over – the fun doesn’t stop there for those of us on Whale One!  We get to party on board for a bit longer while back out cruising the canals again, listening and dancing to music, enjoying yummy food and a few drinks – it’s my favourite way to bring in Christmas!  As a bonus, because my birthday is 3 days before Christmas…the musician on board (sometimes John, owner of Whale One) sings Happy Birthday to me, roping everyone else to join in! I LOVE my birthday, so to have everyone enjoy it with me (even though the Parade not on my night itself)…so awesome!

Whale One staff always assist me to head up to top deck of the boat, to join in on the dancefloor and others partying up there – this is what I also love about Whale One staff, they treat me SO well!|

One year I even got a birthday peck on the cheek from Whale One Skipper, Lance (the  Mistletoe on a Stick which I brought to the Parade worked its magic..because we all know what has to happen when Mistletoe is around 😃 ).

Being out on the water, relaxing & having fun, spotting whales and other marine life, cruising our Sunny Coast waters & ocean with the most awesome people..Whale One has it all. They and their fleet of boats offer everything which reaches into my spirit, and which I love! If I could I’d spend time with Whale One/Wild One much more often!

Juanita, John, and the rest of the awesome Whale One staff & crew – what you have created is something special – and we are very lucky to have you right here on our beautiful Sunshine Coast! You obviously love ‘what you do’ – and this is what I am all about as well!  Working in amongst our beautiful ocean and marine creatures, which I also love – how could you not love it!

(in my case – get out on that ocean/water as much as I can…and seeking adrenaline!)

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