Anything is Possible…in your own Way!

At the end of this week, Im about to embark on something very exciting – something which I had been curious about for quite a long time, but absolutely no idea how I might be able to make it happen for myself.  Id often watched groups of bikers go on toy runs, charity runs, ‘Sunday drives/rides’ etc, and thought, wow that would be all kinds of awesome…but just put the thoughts aside as I knew, even though I have been on the back of a motorcycle a number of times, for rides….there is no way that my body would be able to handle many hours on a bike – my back would kill me for a start haha…and then theres the relative danger of my legs/feet which have decreased/no sensation, being so close to the engine of the bike, and me not being able to feel the heat….increased risk of burns, if on the back of a bike without stopping, for a long period of time.

So, (unlike the feeling of wanting to (car) race like my family did, which was a ‘deep want’ that stayed inside me for my entire life, till I was able to make it happen, thanks to the absolute generosity of Dick Johnson Racing), I just let it slide, of wanting to go on some sort of ‘group bike run’….until one day I decided, you know what, Im going to put it on the bucket list…there has to be a way somehow, of making it happen!

I LOVE how the Universe works, and how ‘putting it out there’ really does make life sit up and listen to you, and provide opportunities!  Not long after putting it on the List, when talking with Bill Shead, Manager of SBH Qld (which also happens to be the charity which has supported me all my adult life…and the charity I choose to ‘give back to’ with my fundraising efforts), Bill told me that there was another Poker Run coming up – I listened with curiousity…and also a strange sensation of ‘imagining myself on the Run, in amongst the bikers’.  Next thing, Bill just casually mentions that CARS can also go on the Run, too!! Oh…my god… my eyes and soul lit up like you would not believe!  From that very second, I was in (and Bill knew this haha)…

Bring it on! :D

Bring it on! 😀

So, after a few emails and excited phone conversations back and forth with Bill, and finalising the plans/arrangements for participating on the Run, and accommodation etc…we’re only a few days out…BEYOND awesome!  We’re (a female friend of mine is coming with me as my passenger) leaving on the Friday to head to Maryborough – staying overnight, then early Friday morning, up and ready to meet up with the group to head off to Bundaberg for the Run! I cannot WAIT!  This is also, aside from sure to be a whole lot of fun…its the longest distance Ive ever driven myself…I have no idea where we are going (no idea how to get there)…and Ive also never been up to Bundaberg – so on all kinds of different angles – this is a few days which will bring a whole stack of ‘firsts’! Awesome! 😀

My car "Harley", is about to go on the run of her amongst it with the other Harleys! :D

My car “Harley”, is about to go on the run of her life…in amongst it with the other Harleys! 😀

I wont hide that Im nervous…but thats what my life is all about now…throwing myself into situations which make me nervous…I live for ‘nervous excitement’…love it! 😀

#166 on the bucketlist…Poker Run for Charity – Bring it on!

ANYTHING is Possible… there IS a way to ‘make it happen’! 😀

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