Anything is Possible…in your own Way!

A couple of weeks back, I posted a little ‘teaser’ (and a ‘strange photo’ of some weird looking gunk in a box) – THIS is what it was about! 😀

On April 7th, I headed down to Brisbane (Victoria Point), to take part in what turned out to be one of the (even though it was organised) most random things I have ever done in  my life…a Food Fight in a public Park! haha…  😀 Picture this…a fairly large group (in excess of 50 people) running around madly on the grass, throwing masses of slimey, messy, slippery mucky gunk at each other…it was SO MUCH FUN!

As the ‘warm-up’, after the kids had their fun in their Fight..we lined up in two lines, and fired water balloons at each other (only partly filled so they were still soft, and not hard missiles)…and then it was time for the REAL fun to kick off…oh yeah, Food Fight 2013 was ON!!…

As it happened, I turned out to be a ‘sitting duck’ – a table was placed next to me, with my ‘ammo’, so I didnt have to leave where I was, in amongst the madness….but that just made me a target for everyone to come over and attack me, with me not being able to move away from them (I was so slippery that my wheels/rims on my chair just didnt have any grip at all!).  The group didnt ‘go gentle on the chick in the wheelchair’ at all, and thats what made it more awesome…I was ‘fair game’ just like everyone else..haha…loved it! 😀

Apparently it went for about 15 minutes – but in that 15 minutes it is pure madness…people running around everywhere, messy gunk being flung left right and centre – you completely lose yourself in the moment, not knowing where to turn (or throw!) next…but just doing it anyway – we were just a big group of ‘big kids’ having carefree, crazy fun – I havent laughed so much in so long!  Have you ever been in a waterfight, with waterpistols?  Well this was fairly similar, except it was withmasses of slimey, messy food…and the results were HILARIOUS – lets just say, we were warned to wear clothes which we didnt mind getting wrecked – for very good reason!  It was actually kind of ‘primal’ – just pure, raw, FUN – nothing else behind it – just letting go and being completely mindblown with the madness…haha…

After the mayhem!

After the mayhem!

Like any ‘game, we had rules..the last thing we wanted was for someone to get was really well organised.  The kids didnt miss out in the fun…there was a ‘Parents and Kids’ fight organised before the Adults one, so they could have their own seperate fun.  I thought that was great, so they didnt feel they were missing out (the adults one would have been a bit rough for the young ones) – it was awesome, standing back, watching the kids ‘attack’ the parents with their own stash of gooey messiness!

How did I make it happen?
I first heard about the Food Fight through a website called Meetup – many months ago, I had signed up to the site purely out of curiousity…and didnt think much about it after this.  A couple of weeks before the Food Fight, I received a random email from MeetUp (for some reason, this was my first email I had ever received from them, since sign-up – meant to be?), and in that email was a notice about the Food Fight.  As soon as I saw it, my eyes lit up…I was ‘in’, from that moment! haha..  I logged into MeetUp, found the group who were doing the Food Fight (Bucket List Brisbane – when I met this awesome group of people, and interacted with them on the Meetup site, I thought Wow – ‘kindred spirits’, it was so awesome to interact with a group of people who have such a similar ‘lets just DO it, lets have some adventures!’ mindset to me), pressed the RSVP that I was going, put a little note introducing myself, and requesting a lift to Brisbane if anyone was going from up this way….and that was it…I was IN…I was about to experience pure madness, with a group of complete strangers…’What the heck am I doing?!’ haha..

I was inspired to put this on my list after watching movie scenes where a group of people were in an upmarket restaurant, all dressed up in evening wear – next minute, breaking out into a massive food fight in the middle of the restaurant – haha – I thought WOW how much fun would THAT be?!?…random craziness in the middle of a public restaurant!  I thought “I want to do that!” – and of course, straight on the List it went!  But..then I got to the heck would I pull something like that off, and get away with it, in a restaurant – without angering the restaurant owners, or fellow restaurant patrons??  But then, I received the MeetUp email…and the rest, as they say, is history – this (pre-organised, but completely random) Food Fight was right in front of me – all I had to do was enter it, find a way down to Brisbane, and let the fun begin! 😀

(Oh and in case anyone is wondering – yes we cleaned up the park completely, afterwards…to the point of bringing in a high pressure hose to make sure it was all completely picked up, along with every one of us making an effort to pick up what we could.  We also managed to raise $1000 for charity, through the Entry Fee to the Food Fight – the charity hasnt been decided yet, I will update this page when it has).

Some of the 'ammo'...mmmm...delicious! haha...

Some of the ‘ammo’…mmmm…delicious! haha…

Video coming soon (in a few weeks, once it is all put together)…stay tuned!

A big Thank you to Bucket List Brisbane, for welcoming me in as the ‘newbie’…what an awesome, incredibly fun group of people!  And thank you to ‘Michele’ who took me down to Brisbane so I could take part.  When I got the email I could have thought ‘oooh I dont know these people..oooh its down in Brisbane, I have no way of getting there’..and a whole other lineup of excuses.  But I didnt, and I am SO glad I didnt! Bring on Food Fight 2014! 😀

Anything is Possible….when you just ‘let go’ and have random, pure FUN!

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