Anything is Possible…in your own Way!

There are two things which inspired this post – the absoutely STUNNING sunset we were blessed with here on the Sunshine Coast on the evening of 4th Decmber 2012 – and also a Facebook post by the very inspiring Carren Smith – Author, Speaker, motivator, and Bali Bombing survivor.  Thank you Carren, for inspiring me, yet again! 🙂

This sunset, and Carren, gave me an ‘a-ha’ moment which I had come to me a while ago, but I had let it drift back to the back of my mind, until the last 24hours.  Having it come back to me in a powerful way, inspired me to share it here 🙂

Yesterday, Tuesday 4th December, was an absolutely scorcher of a day with temps hitting (and in some places over!) 40C.  I dont know about anyone else, but I was absolutely struggling to get through the day, I was well and truely over it by about 2pm.  I was making sure I was very hydrated, but I was still feeling quite unwell by of my medical conditions makes it harder to cope with extreme heat/humidity hits. 

But…as the sun started to go down a few hours later, I looked out the door, and my eyes were greeted with the most AMAZING sight….the most incredible sunset was there in front of me…it had been there waiting for us to get through this horrible day, to gift it to us, at the end of it…


Life gives us so many rewards..if we are able to ‘sit out the heat’ and await what will be on the other side of it..

I sat outside, being absolutely blown away by these beautiful colours, right in my own backyard and thought….Wow… after this horrible, unbearably hot day, Mother Nature gifts us with THIS?  This was well and truely worth waiting for, and getting through the day, for.  Who knew that this would appear after such a difficult, draining day to get through?  This to me, is a lot like Life itself…if we ‘sit out the heat/storms’ in our lives, if we just trust that all will be OK on the other side of it..this makes things a little more bearable and easier to cope with it.  If we realise that we will have moments like ‘a beautiful sunset at the tail end of a horrible day’ – if you realise that life will give you many sunsets, many moments to shine, many moments to look forward to, if we just trust that these things are there waiting for us, at the tail end of our struggles…life is just that little bit easier.

The other ‘a-ha’ moment hit me when reading a Facebook post by Carren, I wont go into the details of the post, but I will post my response to it:

“…for a number of years, I was blaming ‘life itself’ for the many, many ‘hits and knockdowns’ it was giving me….for so long life kept knocking me down, every time I got back up…another hit came. But looking back, I realise that I was the one creating this – whenever another ‘hit’ came, I remember thinking many times, in frustration and despair “oh, Come on life, what ELSE have you got for me, bring it on”…and I kept actually expecting the next ‘hit’….and guess what…the hits kept coming!
But now that Ive turned my life and my thoughts and behaviour towards life itself, completely around, guess what, the hits have magically stopped (unpleasant things still happen, sure…but I just deal with them and get on with it now, instead of staying pulled down, by them)…and my life is now amazing, because I expect GOOD things to happen, rather than bad. I now realise it was my thoughts and behaviour that kept creating the ‘hit after hit after hit’…because thats the world I was stuck in.

And you’re right re the ‘excuses’ we make – I had the perfect ‘excuse’ to not get out there and try anything new….’life would just keep knocking me down, so why even try!’…omg…when I realised what I was doing, it changed my life! 🙂 “

How many times do we make up ‘excuses’ to get us out of experiencing our life to the full…how many times do we talk ourselves out of taking that next step, taking a leap of faith, stepping outside of our comfort zone?  I read a quote once “Life is what happens when you step outside of your comfort zone”, and this is so true…I have stepped outside of this ‘zone’, no matter how scary it was at the time (‘scary’ is a cool feeling for me now, I love it, and the challenge it brings to my mind!) so many times since this Chasing my Dreams journey began….and I now know that I am REALLY living how I am meant to be living.  I now know just why I was feeling so lost, for so many years….I was ‘staying inside the zone’.  Stepping out of your comfort zone might mean something completely different to you…but it is well and truely worth experiencing! 🙂

Anything is Possible…..when you Create your life, for YOU!

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