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Fundraising for SBH Qld

Throughout my Chasing my Dreams journey, I am also endeavouring to raise funds for SBH Qld – Spina Bifida & Hydrocephalus Qld
I am so proud to be able to ‘give back’ to this amazing charity who have supported me SO much over the years…decades!

If you would like to support me in my quest to raise funds for this absolutely outstanding charity who have supported me (and countless others) for many years, you can do so through this link, or by contacting me if you have any fundraising ideas! 🙂    Your generosity will go a long way towards SBH Qld’s mission to improve, and empower the lives of children, adults, and families living with Spina Bifida & Hydrocephalus.

Future fundraising ventures, and amounts raised, will be updated on this page…

Who are SBH Qld and what do they do?
Click on the link to find out more about this organisation, and the incredible support they provide towards over 700 individuals and families living with Spina Bifida and Hydrocephalus throughout Qld

Items for Purchase, in aid of SBH Qld
SBH Qld has the below items available for purchase, to raise funds.  If you would like to purchase any of the items, to support SBH Qld, please contact me to arrange payment and delivery
Price list SBH 2015

A huge Thank you to Sunshine Plaza Maroochydore for your continued support in having me represent SBH Qld at your Community Site on a regular basis, to raise awareness and funds for SBH Qld.  Your generosity, and support shown towards not only SBH Qld but myself personally while I am stationed at Sunshine Plaza, is very much appreciated! 🙂


**Fundraising Total Update!**

As of the end of October 2015, the total funds raised are:

THANK YOU to absolutely everyone out there who has generously contributed to Chasing my Dreams Charity of Choice, SBH Qld – and a big Thank you to SBH Qld for all that you do and all that you are…you all ROCK!!


Daisy Learning – 2015 International Day of People with Disability Event
Total Funds raised: $49

On Thursday 3rd December, Daisy Learning held an Event for International Day for People with Disability
– and chose to support SBH Qld at the same time!
Rainy and very windy conditions arrived just as the outdoor Event started – we are very grateful
to everyone who chose to stop and support SBH Qld, especially in the weather which hit us!)

Thank you to Daisy Learning for your continued personal support of myself and my
Chasing my Dreams venture – and of SBH Qld fundraising! 🙂


Sunshine Coast Marathon 2014
Total Funds raised: 2,167
I also decided to dedicate this event to my dear childhood-through to highschool friend, who sadly passed away 6 weeks before the 2014 Marathon – he also was born with spina bifida & hydrocephalus, so pushing myself through this, took on an extra personal meaning, for me.

A MASSIVE Thank you to EVERYONE involved in supporting not only myself, but SBH Qld, in my quest to walk the 2km distance in the Sunshine Coast Marathon, and raise funds for SBH Qld at the same time – an AMAZING amount of $2.167 was raised, due to everyones generosity and the fundraising initiatives offered to me, in honour of SBH Qld!

Here it is – my ‘Fitness Goal 2014’…an opportunity to tick it off the bucketlist, and to raise funds for SBH Qld once again….awesome!

Sunshine Coast Marathon logo

#145. Get a team together and do a fun run/part-marathon type event, (walking on crutches – or part walk/part chair), to raise money for charity.

I entered the Sunshine Coast Marathon (, held on August 31 2014, at Alexandra Headland on the Sunshine Coast, Qld.  I attempted to get up out of my wheelchair and walk on my crutches, the 2km distance – it doesnt seem like a long distance at all…but, it sure is a long way for me to get up and walk it!  It took a lot of work to get there – 6 months of hard physical training, with complete body and mind focus in the entire lead-up which prepared me for the mammoth task I had set myself….but I was well and truly up for it – Anything is Possible!  🙂 …and I SMASHED it (part *most of it* walking/part-chair), in 38 minutes!

 2014 Pacific Ford & FPV Car Show, Sunday August 10th 2014 – Raffle for SBH Qld
Total Funds raised: $343.55!
THANK YOU to everyone who purchased raffle tickets/donated to SBH Qld, during the running of the Pacific Ford FPV Total Performance Car Show – and a heartfelt Thank you to Pacific Ford for your very generous offer of holding this Raffle in aid of SBH Qld, during your 6th annual Car Show! your generosity has helped raise a further $343.55, funds which will go directly to supporting families and people living with Spina Bifida & Hydrocephalus – Amazing! 🙂

Thank you also for Chaz Mostert, V8 Supercar young gun for playing your part in my fundraising efforts, by drawing the Raffle winners on the day, and for being such a shining example of someone who is Chasing your Dreams, with so much passion and with everything you have inside of you.
Thank you to Pacific Ford for your very generous offer of holding this Raffle in aid of SBH Qld, during your annual Car Show!
Thank you to Carolyn, and Sunshine Plaza Management for the opportunity to fundraise for SBH Qld at the centre, in the lead-up to the 2014 Sunshine Coast Marathon – your support towards me personally, and the avenue that this provided to not only fundraise for SBH Qld, but to get awareness out there of spina bifida and hydroceplalus, and the amazing work which SBH Qld to do support us – and also to encourage the public that Anything really is Possible – it really was an amazing opportunity that I thoroughly enjoyed! 

Blue Illusion Fashion “Styling Workshop” Fundraiser Event
 Total funds raised: $542!

On Thursday 26th June 2014, Sunshine Plaza-based fashion store “Blue Illusion” held a Fundraiser Event, in aid of SBH QLD (Spina Bifida Hydrocephalus Queensland)! ( Event promoted the wonderful range of ladies fashion, homewares, and accessories available at Blue Illusion, with a percentage of sales by Event attendees, directly donated to SBH Qld.  Models showcased a range of products, and promotion of the great work SBH Qld are doing was also presented.

**Thank you so much to Blue Illusion, for hosting this Event, in aid of SBH Qld – and to all the attendees and people who donated/purchased items – your generosity is very much appreciated!


2013 SBH Qld Fundraising

Online Auction for SBH Qld – 2013
Total Funds raised: $1,143!

Thank you so much to the fabulous Renee from Fascinatu, for this wonderful gesture and opportunity you have gifted in way of running an online auction, for SBH Qld! Thank you to all the businesses who chose to donate something, for the Auction, and also, thank you to everyone who chose to take part by placing a bid/winning the item with your payment going directly to SBH Qld..your generosity is very much appreciated! 🙂

Thanks to you all, an amazing amount of funds was raised through this Auction – $1,143!! These funds are going directly to the Babies at Home program run by SBH Qld, to support babies born with these disabilities, and their families.

Fascinatu Logo Info


2012 SBH Qld Fundraising

SBH QLD “I Believe I can Climb” Fundraising Event
Total Funds raised: $3725

On November 2nd, 2012, I hosted my “I Believe I can Climb” Fundraising Event , which was to raise funds for SBH Qld (Spina Bifida Hydrocephalus Qld), in conjunction with’ticking off’ my 3 major Fitness Goals, off my List, and #79. Undertake a physical challenge and connect it to raising money for charity, at the same time’

1. Slowdancing
2. Walking down the beach, hand in hand with ‘a guy/my guy’
3. Climb a mountain

It was an incredibly MAGICAL time, ticking these Goals off my List, and ‘giving back’ to this AMAZING charity who have supported myself and many other children, adults and families, in so many ways!***

Giving it absolutely EVERYTHING I had, for 9 hard, long months - SO worth it for the rewards waiting for me!

Giving it absolutely EVERYTHING I had, for 9 hard, long months – SO worth it for the rewards waiting for me!

Thank you so much to the many people who supported myself, and SBH Qld in the leadup to the 2012 Event, by way of physical/emotional (and otherwise) support for myself…and by either attending, donating prizes/funds, or by purchasing raffle tickets. Thanks to ALL of your generosity, not only were my Fitness Goals achieved in the most amazing way….but an amazing amount of funds was raised for SBH Qld (and also Sporting Dreams: The Marayke Jonkers Sporting Dreams fund (Marayke Jonkers, as my thank you for her being Speaker at my Event, has been presented with a portion of the funds, to go towards grants for up-and-coming athletes with disabilities).

Final Tally: $3725!!!
(SBH Qld – $3225, with Sporting Dreams being gifted $500)

Amazing effort from all involved…THANK YOU!!! 😀 xx

My 2012 “I Believe I can Climb” SBH Fundraiser Event, (final tally: $3725!) was not my only ‘venture’ for raising funds for SBH Qld…I plan to hold future Events, or tie ticking certain Dreams off of my list, with raising funds for SBH Qld. ….Wow! It is AMAZING what comes from a simple spark of an idea – how it can grow into something incredible!

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