Anything is Possible…in your own Way!

The List!

Here it is…My List….Dreams brought to reality…Dreams yet to be lived…
…Bring it On!

My “I’d love to do that!” started with just these 3 ‘Dreams’…

1) My MAJOR Lifelong Life Dream: Race around a race track, in a V8 Supercar

In the Beast with Steve Johnson…about to Live my dream…AWESOME!!!

DONE! August 23rd, 2011. BEST day of my life! The day my mind literally WOKE UP, and this crazy awesome adventure I am now on, commenced!  Racing around Qld Raceway, co-piloting Steve (Jnr) Johnson’s #17 Beast, from Dick Johnson Racing…INSANE! Being brought up with my family involved in motor racing – it is in my blood, to do this. I ‘missed out’ because of my disability..but I did it, I RACED…MY way!
I was ‘lost’ for 41yrs – it took only 3.5mins out on that track (and the day with Dick Johnson and his raceteam) for me to find exactly who I had been searching for my entire life – I finally found ME, and what I was here to do in this life of mine! Incredible feeling – one which I hope I now inspire in others, to experience for themselves!

…after I got out of the V8 Supercar (my #1 Life Dream)…I now knew that I could do absolutely ANYTHING I wanted to in life…so my List grew from just the first three Dreams I’d always had…to now, an evergrowing list of awesome Dreams I KNOW I will be able to achieve in my life!

2) Life Dream: Interacting with a dolphin
DONE! March 2010 – AMAZING to be able to interact, touch, and play with a beautiful, peaceful but oh-so-cheeky dolphin!

Video: My Interaction with a Dolphin

Waterfight with Tyson…hehe…cheeky!

3) Life Dream: Jet-skiing
September 7, 2013 – AMAZING experience..not only did I get to ride the jetski…I got to drive it myself too! 🙂

Water...speed...adrenaline...driving the jetski myself - AMAZING experience!

Water…speed…adrenaline…driving the jetski myself – AMAZING experience!


 I decided to add 3 ’to strive for, physically’ things to my ‘List’ and tick off ‘#79. Undertake a physical challenge and connect it to raising money for charity’, by  hosting an Event  in November, 2012 on the Sunshine Coast Qld, to combine my 3 Fitness Goals listed below, and to raise funds for (the now former) SBH Qld – It was an incredibly MAGICAL time, ticking these Goals off my List, and ‘giving back’ to the community in this way!

1. Slowdancing
2. Walking down the beach, hand in hand with ‘a guy/my guy’
3. Climb a mountain

All three of these Fitness Goals were achieved by getting up on my feet, out of my wheelchair, to bring these Dreams to life.  I thought, you know what…maybe I CAN do these things, after all (with a lot of support and assistance from others). Who knows, they may just end up happening! If I strive for them, and they just end up being ‘out of reach’ physically….hey, at least I know that I’ve given them a RED HOT GO!!  And, after an intense 9 month physical training program (and a lot of mind challenges faced)… I NAILED them!! 😀

9 months of extensive training and organising - ABSOLUTELY worth it!

9 months of intensive training and organising – without a doubt one of the most intense challenges I have ever set for myself – ABSOLUTELY worth it!

Thank you so much to the generosity of the human spirit (through physical/emotional, or financial support), not only were my Fitness Goals achieved in the most amazing way….but there was $3,725 raised for (the now former) SBH Qld.

This venture is not a ‘disability-focused’ venture, it never was, and this is not my intention…nor my want.
Yes disability is ‘touched on’ because of my lived experience of disability – but I strive to achieve what I do, as a bucketlister first and foremost, and a woman determined to live my Best Life…its that simple! 🙂

Please dont treat me or my venture as ‘inspiration porn’, as described by this TED Talk delivered by Australian woman, the late Stella Young.
Be inspired by, and treat me as, the woman and bucketlister I am…not the disability you see.
Thank you 
♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ onto more Dreams/Fun Stuff!!…

4. Be in the Studio Audience of a TV show – Done (with the added bonus of being ‘on the Couch’, with the ‘The Circle’ girls and guest hosts) – Done
5. Drive around the iconic Bathurst racetrack
6. Raise (at least) $10k for charity, through my little venture (over $9,200 raised so far – so proud to have provided an avenue for this to happen, through ‘what I do’!)
7. Spend the night in a Haunted property
8. Winternats at Willowbank, Qld
9. Go to the airport, pick a destination off the flight board (or ask for the cheapest flight that day), and get on that plane
10. Hug a camel
11. Grow a successful edible garden, without killing it! – *Done, but then it died off 😦 (vegies are ‘seasonal’, right? haha)…have learnt to go with the ‘ebb and flow’ of gardening/plant life (and death!) now!  * 🙂  Update Feb 2022 – my garden has been flourishing again for over 2yrs now – eating my own produce is awesome!
12. Food fight in a restaurant/public place (and raising money for charity at the same time!) – Done
13. Be an extra on a TV show/movie – Done (Neighbours scene) – with plans to do more ‘extra’ work, again – Done
14. Find a waterhole/waterfalls that I am able to access
15. Do some Voiceover work for ads/tv show etc (I’ve been told repeatedly that I have a nice ‘phone/radio voice’…so why not put it to work? haha)
16. Go Whale Watching – Done – this is now a special highlight every year!
17. Box with giant/fun boxing gloves – Done
18. Hop on a plane, fly somewhere..stay overnight..then turn around and fly back – Done (my amazing trip to Melbourne VIC in 2012 to tick off 4 Dreams off my List!
19. Ride on a cable car
20. Tractor Pulling – go to an event, or hitch a ride on one!
21. Swim/snorkel at an ocean Reef
22. Visit a historical castle in England/Scotland
23. Attend a formal ‘black tie’/ball/red carpet event (not a wedding)
24. Go to a Monster Truck event
25. Meet a ‘Big Cat’ (Tiger, Lion, Panther etc)
26. Mascot for a Day – Done –  Dressed up like a chicken to give out food samples, for a local chicken cafe/ much fun!
27. Take part in a Hug Patrol – Done (and have enjoyed participating in more – theyre awesome!)
28. Go backstage at a major event/rock concert/show – Done- Big Pineapple Music Festival
29. Observe marine life in their natural environment (the ocean) from a boat – Done.  Whale watching/Swimming with Whales, and out on the ocean on various yachts/catamarans several times a year now…LOVE the ocean!
30. Dance down the street/out in public, with Ali (from BDOM)
31. Take a trip on the Tilt Train – Done
32. Watch the V8 Supercars Bathurst 1000 Race live, from Mt Panorama
33. Face to face with a crocodile
34. Inspire others through motivational speaking, sharing my journey with them, also disability awareness etc Done (repeatedly – love it!)
35. Quadbiking – Done
36. Glamour Photo Shoot – Done (3x), including a lingerie/bedroom Shoot in 2019 which was very, very empowering and healing in what was a tough time in my life
37. Go on a Personal Development Retreat – Done (multiple times)
38. Go on a Womens Personal Development Retreat- Done
39. Watch a Water Dam Release
40. Own a punching bag to box at home with – Done, this has now become a regular part of my fitness routine/therapy
41. Ride in a Classic car – Done
42. Had a snake wrapped around me – Done, several times.  So relaxing and calming!

43. Watch a Cirque de Soleil performance life – Done
44. Use an exercise bike, using my own ‘power’ – Done
45. Day Spa – Done
46. Use a treadmill – Done (for a few seconds, but ‘done’ lol)
47. Fed an elephant – Done
48. Helicopter ride – Done (3x so far…including flying over Queensland Raceway – while a Supercars race was happening below us, where this venture of mine all began in 2011 – so special to be above that track a number of years later!)
49. Stay in a hotel in the city, on my own – Done
50. Solo train journey (changing my train fear) – Done
51. Go to a Comedy Festival – Done
52. Rescue an animal – Done
53. White water rafting – Done
54. Ride in an army tank with actual officers – Done
55. Abseiling (assisted/being carried down) – Done
56. Snowball fight/tabogganing down a snowy mountain – Done
57. Create my dream bedroom – Done.  I love that I created this, which has now become a sanctuary in my life when I need it to be
58. Hire a Limo for myself and friends, and cruise the Coast on sunset – Done, on my 40th birthday
59. Canoeing – Done
60. Drive a boat – Done
61. Be a tourist in my local area, staying in a local hotel on my own and enjoying ‘being away’ – Done
62. Visit Tasmania
63. Do the ‘Bathurst Punish’ (a race ‘on foot, not car’ around the iconic racetrack, using my all-terrain wheelchair)
64. Cuppa at a Cat Cuddle Café
65. Create my own Crystal Candle(s) (I love the concept of crystal candles, although I’m sensitive to fragrances – so my solution? Have fun with learning how to create my own!)
66. Sumo wrestling (inflatable suits)
67. Track down a racer who has handcontrols in his racecar
68. Do a ‘Photo a Day’ Challenge
69. Donate to someone/a family overseas to help improve their quality of life – Done (this has become a regular donation, now
70. Work/Volunteer with a childrens and/or animals organisation
71. Lawnmower racing
72. Attend a William Whitecloud workshop – (Author of “The Magician’s Way” a book which has inspired me SO much!) – Done
73. Do a tour through Bowdens Own car collection – Done
74. DJR (Dick Johnson Racing) Workshop Tour – Done
75.  DJR Team Mates night – Such a special highlight of my year since my first in 2012!
76. Watch the Dick Johnson Racing/Jim Beam Racing V8 Supercar (and of course Steve Johnson & the gorgeous #17 beast) team race live, at Qld Raceway
Went back in 2019 to QR to watch Steve race under his newly-formed Team Johnson, in his Mustang in the Touring Car Masters

77. Give ‘Disabled Surfing’ a go – Done 
78. Get a Life Drawing done – or a professional photo of my spine/spina bifida lesion, my “Survivor Scar”…maybe a tatt?
79. Undertake a physical challenge and connect it to raising money for charity *Fundraising Event held on 2nd November 2012, to combine my 3 Fitness Goals listed above, and raising funds – Fitness Goals smashed, over $3000 raised – yeeewww!* 🙂
80. Go camping on my own – either in a tent, or ‘glamping’
81. Go on a roadtrip by myself – get in the car, and just let the road take me where it will, stopping to take the scenery/sights in along the way
82. Ride on the back of a motorcycle – Done
83. Watch a live major NBL basketball game – Done
84. Penguin interaction at SeaLife
85. Race in a Rallycar (have passengered in a ‘mock/setup’ car through a forest – would love to be in the real thing!)
86. Snorkelling – Done, at the Tangalooma Wrecks
87. Write a message in the sand while Im walking on it, and watch the waves wash it away – Done
88. Abseiling – myself (not being carried down as I’ve done in the past)
89. Model for a day, strutting down a catwalk – Done
90. Swimming with sharks – Done
91. Break a World Record (as part of the crowd) – Done
92. Have more TV experiences (LOVED my experience with Neighbours/The Circle…and also behind the scenes at Shannons Legends of Motorsport up at Bowdens) – either behind the scenes, or on air – love the creative and fun aspect of it all!
93. Dance in the rain – Done
94. Get lost in a maze (got lost in a ‘house of mirrors’ at a show as a child – would love to get over that fear/memory!)
95. Be serenaded to – Done! 2019 – randomly serenaded by a local busker on my Birthday! 
96. Ride in a Firetruck
97. Be a weather girl on TV
98. Help/inspire others to ‘tick’ something off their own List (ongoing – am enjoying this aspect of my journey!)
99. Create something artistic/creative for my home – mosiacs, ceramics etc – Done
100. Flash Mob
101. Visit a dairy farm and milk a cow – Done
102. Visit a Graveyard at Night
103. Do something that is only ever possible to do once, in a lifetime (so, literally a ‘once-in-a-lifetime’ experience).
**absolutely NO idea on this one, but I love the idea of it – any ideas please Contact me, I’d love to hear it!
104. Attend some kind of Spiritual Festival/Ceremony
105. Do something spine-chillingly confronting
106. Go on a Wildlife safari
107. Watch Steve Johnson race his Tru Blu Mk3 XD, live in person
108. Get a tattoo – Done
109. Be at the top of a major Bridge (Sydney Harbour Bridge, Story Bridge in Brisbane etc) – by Climb…or do a fly-over in a helicopter perhaps? 
110. Hug a tree – Done
111. Speed Dating – Done
112. Stay silent for an entire week (and not shut myself at home while doing it!).  As a “Miss Love-a-Chat” haha this would be ‘interesting’, for sure!
113. 4WD-ing through mud, rivers, up hills etc
114. Plant a tree  – Done (local conservation project – ongoing)
115. Chin-ups at the gym
116. Volunteer in an orphanage overseas (eg. Cambodia), with disabled children
117. Get back on a horse, and get over my fear from being bucked off (twice!) when I was younger – Done
118. ‘Give back’ by doing something ‘concrete/material/physical’ for someone/a group of people, supporting them directly, not, from afar – (have had opportunities to do this, which I am loving – hope to have more opportunities to do this again in future) 🙂
119. The Kangaroo Sanctuary Alice Springs
120. Witness the “Staircase to the Moon” – Broome, WA
121. Box/train in an actual boxing ring
122. Box a speedball – Done
123. Visit the Caribbean
124. Messy/Paint Twister
125. Hug a Policeman – Done, a huge thank you to ‘Constable Stud’…lol..
126. Ride on a Tram
127. Go down South to see and photograph the Autumn colours of nature (something I miss, living here in SE Qld!)
128. Photo with a Boy in Blue – DONE! (including being ‘cuffed’ 😉 haha so much fun!)
129. Break a World Record (individual) – again, if you have any ideas of this for me, please Contact me! 🙂
130. Go for a wander along the beach by myself – Done
132. Parasailing – Done
‎133. Cooking lesson with Matt Golinski – I will forever be grateful for his “You Can Do It!” directly to me, before my 2km Walk in the Sunshine Coast Marathon…his words have pushed me forward in my life, ever since!
134.  Pistol shooting – Done – shot 3 bullseyes with a 357 revolver (at my first time pistol shooting!) would love to Shoot a ”Glock” weapon (what the police force use)!
135.  Feed a giraffe
136. Gain more confidence in longer distance driving by myself
137. Featherdale Sydney Wildlife Park
138. Go for a flight in a seaplane, taking off/landing on, the water
139. Be a passenger in a car with a stunt driver
140. Snow-ski-ing down a ski slope on a ski-chair
141. 3D movie on the big screen – Done
142. Go on a car club Cruise
143. Visit a sunflower field (one of my favourite flowers – the other is lillies, I call them Happy Flowers!)
144. Some awesome Drifting/a Burnout as a passenger, in a V8 Supercar/other high-powered car
145. Get a team together and do a fun run/part-marathon type event, (walking on crutches – part walk/part chair), to raise money for charity
– Achieved the 2km distance in the Sunshine Coast Marathon in 2014, raising $2,167 in the process – THANK YOU to everyone involved in supporting me to achieve this incredible Dream! 🙂 

146. Listen to wild ‘whale song’ in the ocean during humpback season
147. Eat Chicken Feet – Done
148. Do a radio ‘gig’ (interview) – Done
149. Be a guest host/panellist on radio – Done
150. Axe Throwing
151.  Learn to Meditate – Done/tried.  Have learnt that ‘traditional meditation’ isn’t for me, but at least trying it on a consistent basis taught me this – and its opened the door to practicing mindfulness in ways that soothe me!
152.  See the Milky Way
153.  Recreate the ‘running up the stairs’ scene from the Rocky movie…’in my own way’ – Done
154.  Be a Circus Performer
155.  Outdoor Fitness
Boot Camp
156.  Go to the ScienCentre in Brisbane – Done
157.  See a Beluga Whale in person
158.  Volunteer at a Christmas Breakfast/Lunch for the Homeless/Needy
159.  Farmstay
160.  Passenger in with Ken Block (Rally in Paradise Ken Block – our world sadly & suddenly lost this incredible man in early-2023).
161.  Attempt to climb an Indoor Rock Wall – Done
162.  Attend an outdoor Music Festival – Done
163. Head back to a Speedway event – havent been since I was a teenager!
164. Ride in a hovercraft
165. Stormchasing
166. Poker Run in aid of (the now former) SBH Qld – Done…me in my car, and 100+ bikers, travelling through SE Qld country roads & camping – SO much fun!
167. Go-karting
168. Learn how to Crack a Whip
169. Mystery Flight/Trip – Done (complete with blindfold on, to keep the mystery alive until literally the last minute!)
170. Take part in a Variety/other type of charity Bash
171. Wave the chequered flag at the finish of a motor race
172. Meet the Sunshine Coasts “Fluffy” the emu
173. Hip Hop Class
174. Watch/capture the sunrise at least once a month, for a year – (started Jan 2013 – amazing experience!) 🙂
175. Ride in a Monster Truck
176. Learn Mosiacs
177. Perfect a 3 minute plank (without a break) – *was attempting this in 2017 until losing the function of my arm/surgery to ‘get it back’ – working at it still!
178. Become involved in a turtle care project/watch a ‘baby turtle dash’ down to the ocean, after their hatching
179. Walk around a sports/athletic track at a Stadium – Done!
180. Undertake a ‘Tough Mudder’-type outdoor physical challenge (would love to be ‘thrown over the Wall! haha)
181. Have a motorcycle jump/fly over me in a stunt show – Done
182. Demolish a wall of a house/building…’House Rules’ style
183. Build a ‘Whale Tail’ sandcastle on the beach
184. Micro-volunteering online – Done
185. Swim in an ocean pool (sea water pool right beside the ocean)
186. Be taken round a racetrack as a passenger in a classic big ol’ beasty racecar (Touring Car Masters era etc)
187. Hot Air Balloon Flight
188. Stand/sit on the top step of a Podium and spray champagne
189. Woodford Folk Festival
190. Go straight down the Queensland Raceway dragstrip from above, in helicopter – have come close to it, we cruised near the strip but not actually ‘down’ it, when flying over the main track in 2019.
191. Belly Dancing
192. Grid Walk at a Supercars event
193. Gondola ride
194. Sound Therapy
195. Charity Car Show – Done
196. “2nd bite of that RockIt Wall cherry” – got to 6m in 2015, I have some unfinished business with that 8m indoor rockclimbing Wall!
197. Paintball – Done, but with a ‘twist’, played LaserTag instead, as Paintball would have been dangerous with my hydrocephalus shunt (possible contact)
198. See a Tall Ship in person
199. ‘Hillclimb’ up/down sand-dunes in a car/4WD (as a passenger)
200. Hotlap around Mt Panorama, Bathurst
201. Meet a street artist – Done
202. Plate-smashing (Greek-style) – Done, regular ‘Smashes’ at our local Smash Pit
203. Virtual Reality
204. Camp/tent overnight on an open plain/desert etc
205. Flight Simulator – Done
206. Write down something I am grateful for, every day for a month (which turned into a year)
207. Floating Therapy
208. Salt Caves, Mooloolaba
209. Get up to the top of Mount Coolum – Done! After 30yrs of living here and wanting to ‘get my View – I did it in 2017
210. Find more ways to be creative in my day/life – Done
211. Jetboat adrenaline/adventure ride

212. Sunset cruise on a yacht/catamaran – Done
213. Experience the Northern Lights, or Aurora Australis
214. Glowstick/Neon Run
215. Swimming in the ocean beside a boat/yacht
216. Roller/Iceskating (using a frame or some sort of support)
217. Be at a motor racetrack under lights
218. Be in a racecar on snow!
219. Be surrounded by butterflies..have one on me – Done
220. Luge run
221. Experience a 7D Cinema
222. Snorkel/Swim with humpback whales – Done
223. Hotlap with Chris or Dan Bowden
224. Escape Room experience – Done
226. Experience “The Enchanted Garden” at Roma St Parklands, Brisbane
227. Flight in a luxury private jet
228. Watch a butterfly come out of its cocoon
229. See a turtle in the ocean/its natural habitat
230. Drive down to Dick Johnson Racing Team Mates Night one year, myself
231. Corporate box at a sporting/other Event
232. Physical Tyre Challenge – Done
233. Offroad bushbashing (V8 buggy-style)
234. Animal Encounter at Wildlife HQ – Done – met Tobias the adorable quokka on my birthday!
235. Sit/lay down on a climbing ledge/bench, over the edge of a cliff
236. Sleep in a treehouse
237. Bubble photography – Done
238. Getaway at a Health Spa/Retreat weekend
239. Passenger in with Dick Johnson
240. Attend an Ice Hockey game
241. Meet a Quokka….the ‘happiest animal on earth’  – Done, such an awesome birthday gift to myself! 
242. Improv Theatre
243. Explore forests, go off the beaten track – ‘Shinrin-yoku’ (Forest-bathing) – Done
244. Ride in motorcycle sidecar – Done
245. Dance/Sing on a Train
246. Do a ‘Continuous Creation Challenge (CCC)’
247. Amusement Park as an adult (bring out my inner child!)
248. Kick a soccer goal
249. Standup Slowdance with Ed Sheeran to his song “Thinking out Loud”
250. Have a Tarantula placed in my hand
251. Geocaching
252. Push a gym Tank – Done..have also now pulled it along the track, with rope!
253. Try eating Haggis
254. Wheelchair Treadmill (different to the standard treadmill which I lasted two seconds on, in the past) – Done, my gym now has one, and it is awesome!
255. Experience the Athletes Village at an Olympics or Paralympics
256. Do a 30-day Fitness Challenge (have done a 30-day Yoga Practice – time to step it up a level – time to get rid of these ‘Covid Curves’ that crept on during iso!!) *attempted this early 2021 – twice! the ‘fitness gods’ were against me, throwing me so many obstables in my attempt – I almost made it through both times, but not quite…Not giving up on it though!
257. Go back down to Melbourne to explore it more (absolutely loved it during my overnight TV adventure courtesy of Ch10 (thankyou Ch10!) in 2012 – would love to see more of this city and its surrounds!) – ticking off a couple of Dreams off the List, while down there! 😉 🙂
258. Flinders St Station, Melbourne (hmmm Im sensing a ‘theme’ here, a few Melbourne ‘Dreams’ have made it onto my List! 🙂
259. Watch Sydney Mardi Gras Parade, live/in person
260. Haunted Mansion, Brisbane
261. Do a tour (and perhaps stay) through Noosa Everglades, on Qlds Sunshine Coast
262. See a Musical/Play in one of Melbournes theatres
263. Skateboarding
264. Ride in a ‘Green Cab’
265.  Train with Joey Swoll
266. Live my life by the fun “Day of the Year”, for a month eg. “National French Toast Day” I’ll make myself French Toast, “World Soil Day” I’ll go out and nurture my soil in my vegie/herb garden, research topics/Days which I’m unfamiliar with, to enrich my knowledge of this world. Whatever that day ‘is’, I’ll do it! haha
267. Do a Parkrun (even if not the full 5k) – pushing, walking or a combo of the 2.
268. Watch a Full Moon while sitting on the beach at night.
269. Magic Men show 😉
270.  Learn to cook okonomiyaki
271. Visit Lincolns Rock, Blue Mountains NSW on sunset
272. Meet Sam the blind donkey
272. Meet Hunter, the blind Samatran tiger
273. Visit The LUME, Melbourne
274. Passenger in with Chris and his V8 Mighty Boy little tough beast
275. Bust a move to some R&B, publicly, at my gym
276. Sourdough painting

People I’d love to meet:
1. Eminem
2. Craig Lowndes (I’d love the opportunity to shake his hand & thank him for the very brief ‘encounter’ he had with me at Queensland Raceway….havent officially ‘met him’ yet – but he did acknowledge me at the track!)
3. Zookeeper Chad
4. Kerwin Rae
5. Mitch Wallis
6. ‘Ford Racing Alf’ – finally got to meet the furry little alien!…hehe….
7. Sebastian Terry (another bucket-lister)  – Met 
8. Nate Byrne – ABC weather presenter, and self-confessed science-nerd!
9. Matt Mingay
10. Glenn Seton
11. DarrenLevy aka “Funny Uber Rides” – go for a ride in his Uber/tour around Melbourne
12. Allan Pease
13.The Inspired Unemployed boys, Jack & Falcon
14. Matt Golinski –(a surprise meeting was organized – I had NO idea!)
15. Mark “Larko” Larkham
16. Ryan “R-Willy” Williams – Nitro Circus
17. John ‘JB’ Bowe
18. Reggie from Big Brother
19. Luke (Cookie), and Jill from, (formerly Cuppa of Life – sadly Jill has now passed away – this is why your Dreams are of value and worth exploring, before they turn into a ‘missed opportunity’ – I’m so sad I never got to meet this incredible woman.  Rest in Peace, beautiful Jill xx )
20. The Naked Magicians
21. Ali from “Bad Dates of Melbourne”  (another ‘Melbourne’-based ‘tick’ off the List…hmm…I really need to makeit back down there, the list of things I want toerience in Melbourne, is steadily growing!)

Two things that Chasing my Dreams has also brought to my life, personally….
Create my Dream Life – Creating it!
Finding my Inner Peace – Found it!
Found Myself, and who I am meant to be in this world – ABSOLUTELY!!!

ANY suggestions, or contacts/offers of support to get me towards these Goals, would be MUCH appreciated – or perhaps you’d like to join me, in ticking something from my List, off of your List, too!

~Keep chasing those Dreams/items on your Bucket List…they WILL change your life!!

Comments on: "The List!" (7)

  1. Liz Ramsay said:

    Was an absolute pleaure to meet you today at the gym. This is a very inspiring list. Made me stop & realise what I take for granted. At this stage I am planning on being at Coolum surf club on the morning of your climd (benifits of starting work at 1.30pm on Fridays).

    • Hi Liz! 🙂 It was lovely to meet and chat with you today too, I really enjoyed it – thank you for your positive feedback, I really appreciated it…its part of what keeps me going, as I know Im doing a ‘good thing’. Keep up with what youre doing, its great! 🙂

      Id love to keep in touch – lets inspire each other towards that part-Marathon next year, hey? Its No. #145 on my List! 🙂 Hope to see you at my Climb (thank you for saying you’re planning to be there)…if you’re not able to make it, yes lets keep in touch! 🙂

  2. Stephanie said:

    Hi Tania,

    Steph here from Whale One. Just got your card you left for me. Hope you had an amazing time with the Whales! This time of year is so amazing and we have so many incredible close encounters. Your bucket list is SO INSPIRING! It makes me want to create a list of my own and quit uni and do amazing things every day for the rest of my life.
    I want to keep checking your list and see which thing you will accomplish next.
    Stay well and keep in touch 🙂 Happy days!
    Steph, Whale One

    • Hi Steph! Thank you SO much for helping me towards ticking Whale Watching off my bucketlist – it was truly one of the most special experiences of my life, to see those magnificent creatures up so close to us in the boat, coasting alongside us, playing next to us….and experiencing a magnificent breach on my side of the boat, was just breath-taking. To also have dolphins cruising alongside us on the way back in..just made it extra special, I just love dolphins, and marine creatures, so much! I didn’t want to come back in and get off the boat! haha.

      I think your job is amazing in itself…working in that marine environment, and getting to be out with the whales (or even just on the water) when you go out, would be incredible. Im not advocating quitting Uni haha…but as long as you are doing in life what you truly want to do, and ‘making your heart sing’, that is whats important. If you set up a bucketlist of your own (which I highly encourage, of course! haha) – feel free to share it with me!
      Take care…hope to catch up with you sometime! 🙂

  3. Hi Rachel! 🙂 It was brilliant meeting and chatting with you at the celebrations too…I love what you’re doing with your little business – and the wrist bands I bought from you are awesome! 🙂 Haha yes I would love to stay in a haunted house/property one night – this one’s proving quite elusive though, I don’t want to do an organised ‘Ghost Tour’…I’d love to find somewhere we can (legally!) stay the entire night, and see if anything happens, or ‘visits’ us! haha. Take care…be great to connect back up again one day soon!

  4. Kacee Murray said:

    Hi tania, I just happened to pick up the take 5 magazine today as my doctor wanted to Re-admit me to hospital I’m a mum to a 18month old girl with Spina bifida myleomeningocele & hydrocephalus iv just read your article and I just want to say you are as imply amazing an such an inspiration I know this is a big ask but I would really really love to meet you an for you to meet my little girl her name is Ella I’m in literal tears of joy reading your article I hope my little girl has your determination when she’s older

    • Hi Kacee! 🙂 Thank you so much for your lovely message, and for contacting me! I hope little Ella is doing well…if theres one thing that’s a common trait with everyone I know with spina bifida & hydrocephus….it’s determination! haha 😉

      I would love to meet you & Ella!…its not a big ask at all depending on where you are of course, Im sure something can be arranged. I’ll send you an email. Lets see what we can do about arranging to meet up!

      I hope you are doing OK, given that your doctor wanted to re-admit you. I look forward to hopefully catching up with you and your little one, one day! 🙂
      Take care

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