Anything is Possible, in your own Way!

Yes, its true, I’ve turned into a Twit!…or it is tweeter?!? haha I’ve only just joined up with Twitter yesterday so am still learning the ropes on how it all works!

Chasing my Dreams on Facebook is about to be closed down (my decision, Facebook isn’t closing the page – no I haven’t been ‘naughty’ on there haha) – Twitter is where it’s at for my little venture from now, looking forward! Lets just say, after 5yrs of ‘putting myself out there’ for the benefit of others, in the various ways that I do (which I thoroughly enjoy doing so, especially when someone tells me that they resonate with ‘what I do’ and it has affected their own life in a positive way – this makes me very, very proud!), its now time to adjust my sails and change direction (on social media, at least)! My Dream for ‘Facebook’ was to create an interactive community where we were all on there encouraging each other (and where I was receiving muchneeded support & encouragement for myself) to embrace our lives – but after 5yrs, despite having 100’s of ‘likers’ join the page – it just wasn’t working (especially this year, it was like I was ‘speaking to an empty room’, with just the very occasional ‘like’ and short comment sprinkled on the page.  To attract ‘Likes on a screen’ isn’t what I created the page for, and goes against everything I believe in and am doing, with my venture).  I realised that all my constant efforts on the page to create content to inspire and encourage, were efforts that I could be using more wisely elsewhere in my life/my venture. What do you do when something isn’t working? You don’t keep doing the same thing for the next 5yrs, that’s for sure! 😉  So, I’ve decided to hop on over to Twitter and turn my ‘putting myself out there on social media’ to more of an update-style of my venture, rather than what I had been trying to achieve, for so long.

If you would like to follow more regular updates from Chasing my Dreams than the Blogs which I share from time to time on this site….feel free to follow my Twitter page (I’ll be sharing random images and moments along the way towards, and during Ticks off the list, on my Twitter page) – alongside the Blogs I will continue to share here – my username is ‘ChasingDream17’.  You’ll see a link to my Twitter page down the right hand side of this website – I’d love to see you there!  (But remember, I’m a newbie twit so have no idea how it works just yet! haha)

I’ve also (finally!) worked out how to put a ‘Gallery of Dreams’ (image gallery of my various adventures over the last 5yrs) on this website, now located down the right hand sidebar on this site – it had been driving me nuts literally for years, as everything I tried always turned out to be complicated and messy.  Magically, on the same day I closed the Facebook door & opened the Twitter door – a (very easy!) website Gallery turned up, literally right in front of me! Amazing…’when one door closes, another opens’ – how true this is!!!

I’m excited to see where this new door I’ve opened will take me/my little venture!  A change is as good as a holiday, as they say! 🙂


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