Anything is Possible…in your own Way!

Raising funds, and awareness for SBH Qld (Spina Bifida & Hydrocephalus Qld) has always been something meaningful to me – its not just ‘raising money for a charity’ (which is special and valuable in itself anyway!), for me it goes much, much deeper than this, because of having spina bifida & hydrocephalus myself, and receiving the most valuable support from this wonderful organisation which puts so much time and effort to support many people in our community throughout Qld.


The more I am down at Sunshine Plaza, Maroochydore at their Community Site, for SBH Qld, the more special it becomes…I absolutely love this part of ‘what I do’! Aside from my mission of giving back to SBH Qld by raising awareness and funds for them, and receiving amazing (and needed, as my Fitness Goals are a massive effort for me! haha) encouragement and support for my huge Fitness Goals (this year being Climbing Mt Coolum) – I find myself interacting with so many interesting people, meeting other families living with spina bifida/hydroceplalus, and other disabilities – as well as giving out encouragement towards others who openly choose to share their own ‘story’ with me, when they approach my Site. I met one amazing young man recently who has been through a really tough (but very powerful!) time in his past….and now he’s out there, giving back to his local community, by volunteering with kids – kids who will be ‘our future’, and making a difference in their lives. I was called ‘inspirational’ by him..but personally after hearing his story – HE is the inspirational one, to me! 🙂 This young man was just one amazing person who I’ve met – society is filled with people from so many different walks of life! Everyone has ‘a story’ – make your story, and your life, count, everyone…and encourage others – you have no idea of how just a few words of encouragement may be just what that person needs, to change their life, or achieve their own goal!

My 'other office' - SBH Qld Community Site - Sunshine Plaza Maroochydore

My ‘other office’ 🙂  – SBH Qld Community Site – Sunshine Plaza Maroochydore

I’ve also noticed that as time goes on, more and more people are approaching my Site at the Plaza, and aside from generous donations given, many are becoming more curious about not only these two disabilities…but also of the work that SBH Qld do.  This is exactly why I am doing this – to spread the awareness that SBH Qld absolutely deserves, and to spread more understanding about these disabilities. Another awesome aspect of being down at Sunshine Plaza is that, Im beginning to feel ‘part of the furniture’ haha…staff of the Plaza, as well as various staff from the many businesses…also officers from Police Beat which are based across from my Site – wave out and say hi as they go past…its like being a part of an ‘extended family’ haha. I love what I do…and the community getting behind me and supporting me in my mission to support SBH Qld is an amazing feeling – it really does feel that I’m making a difference – just like all of YOU who have donated to SBH Qld, are also making a difference.  Thank you all! Thank you also to Centre Management at Sunshine Plaza, for giving me this amazing opportunity to ‘give back’ to SBH Qld, in this way…it is very much appreciated! Anything is Possible….when you reach out to others to achieve your Goals!

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