Anything is Possible…in your own Way!

Recently I posted about capturing the magical sunrise in January, and this led to me adding ‘#174. Watch/capture the sunrise at least once a month, for a year’ to my List.  Well, things have just stepped up that bit further! 🙂

My first canvas prints!

My first canvas prints!

Its awesome how other things evolve from doing one thing, how one simple action in life often inspires another.  In January, after being out capturing a very magical sunrise – I decided to add ‘#174’ to my list…and then, yet another idea struck me, after showing the above shot (off Maroochydore beach) to a number of people and getting very positive feedback about it, I then decided to get it printed onto a canvas.  I have to say, when I got the completed canvases back, I was just a little bit proud! 🙂  Theyre not huge (only 30x45cm – the cost dictated the size I got made up) – but I have to say, seeing them in canvas form, its an amazing feeling! 🙂

One of these will be going to two wonderful people who hit my life recently, and the other will be offered up as a prize in a raffle I intend to hold for SBH Qld (hopefully selling tickets from next month, if I can get enough prizes sorted by then).  To even think that my ‘creation’ is good enough for a prize in a raffle?? – AMAZING feeling – and I have to thank the people around me who have encouraged me, not just with this, but along this entire path I am now on, to think that not only I, but my ‘work’, is ‘good enough’! 🙂

Be mindful of your own actions in life…you may be surprised how you can inspire yourself, to reach even further! 🙂


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