Anything is Possible…in your own Way!

Opportunities are all around us – if we open our minds, and our intentions, to making them happen! 🙂

Opportunities are everywhere...

Opportunities are everywhere! 🙂

January 2013, now that my recovery from my Event is basically done…my intention is/was to have a little ‘break’ and not actively chase any Dreams this month – my body and mind was basically smashed, after the long drawn out (9 months) journey towards making it happen – but true to form, opportunities are presenting themselves, left right and centre:

– the book I created
– the Photo a Day Challenge – which has led to the ‘once a month sunset’ Challenge Ive set myself for the year
– the Sunshine Coast Marathon in August 2013 – being contacted by one of the organisers),

..and now, an opportunity to bring to my reality one of my 3 original ‘Life Dreams’ I had had for years (Race in a V8Supercar; interacting with dolphins; and jetski-ing), is right in front of me!

I had these 3 dreams in my mind for as far back as I can remember…..long before my ‘Chasing my Dreams’ journey even began. Ive achieved the first two, and they were such magical experiences ♥ and have been wanting to make ‘Ride a Jetski’ happen, when the opportunity turned up…and now, I woke up this morning to a Facebook post directed at me from someone I was interacting with just last night, telling me about an Event that the very same local jetski company I had intended to contact in February – they are holding an Event on the river….in February 2013! Awesome! So this gives me an opportunity to go face-to-face (instead of over the phone which I originally intended to do) with them, and ask them if they would help me make this happen.

Also, I have just been contacted by someone who ‘put it out there’ last year, of a fundraising opportunity for SBH Qld – I was going to also contact her (as previously arranged) in early 2013 – but, next thing I know, I get a message out of the blue from this person, saying that theyd like to start actioning this Fundraising! Awesome! 😀

Anything is Possible when you Make it Happen!…by grasping opportunities that turn up right in front of you! 

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