Anything is Possible…in your own Way!


Opportunities are everywhere! My 2012 (first) SBH QLD (Spina Bifida Hydrocephalus Queensland) Fundraiser Event allocated a smaller portion of the funds raised, for Sporting Dreams: The Marayke Jonkers Sporting Dreams fund..

Sporting Dreams logo cropped

a fund set up by Paralympian Marayke Jonkers, to allocate grants to up and coming athletes with disabilities, to assist them in achieving their sporting dreams. The Fund received $500 from my Event, alongside the $3225 raised for SBH Qld.  The initial idea behind this was to also give back to Marayke Jonkers, for being my Guest Speaker for the evening.. …but then this sparked (another!) idea inside me…!

After ticking off ‘#70. Work/Volunteer with a childrens and/or animals organisation’ at the end of 2012, I decided that when I hold my SBH Qld Event towards the end of the year…a smaller portion of the funds will go towards Smart Pups Autism Assistance Dogs. Next year – after a ‘quite by chance’ conversation with someone who pulled up in the shopping centre carpark I was in yesterday, and I recognised the logo on the car as an organisation that someone I know works with, so went and introduced myself – Ive decided that my Event will raise the smaller portion of funds, for this organisation.

Exciting possibilities….they’re endless! From a spark of an idea to raise funds for SBH Qld – to deciding to also raise funds for another charity alongside them, as well! 😀  Awesome! 🙂

Anything is Possible….when you take chance opportunities! 🙂

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